I've been watching the trial for the drug by Concert Pharma called CTP-543.  It hasn't started in my area but according to the governmt website they are started in a few places:  https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT03137381?term=ctp-543&ra...  Rancho Mirage, New Haven (CT), Portland, Houston and a couple other places.  Anyone lucky enough to get on the study yet?  It's a newer version of Rux.

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How are the side effects?

I am contimplating the PZier trial.. not sure what the difference is?

I’m in week 9 and have yet to have any side effects. Hair is definitely growing 

i am in week 10 and no side effects. inital vellus hair has turned darker and more vellus popping up...very excited.

That’s exciting!! Mine started off as thin vellus hairs but are starting to get thicker and fill in, especially around my temples. Glad you’re also having success so far :)

How is everyone getting on with CTP543? 

i have about 60% regrowth (from totalis) with more vellus coming in on the stubborn parts. i have ophiasis pattern hair loss so sides and back are difficult for me. I am excited to say that the dosage study ends in January and i am moving to the extension study which should go until the drug gets to market. I think I could have optimal regrowth in another 4 or 5 months. it took a bit for it to start but now is coming in pretty steady... no side effects so far.

Wow thats awesome! I am at about 80-85% regrowth from almost 100% loss on my scalp. I am finishing up my 24 weeks in 4 weeks then going on to the extension study.I definitely have some stubborn spots still.

How long did it take for you to see a sign of life lol?  I started the pfizer clinical trial about a month ago and I believe I am on 50mg.  I haven't stopped shedding yet (albeit maybe slowed down a bit) but I'm slowly heading towards unversalis (am totalis already).  I know i need to be patient but just thought I'd see how long it took to start to see some growth (I've heard once it starts - its onwards and upwards from there)... thanks!

I started seeing growth after about 2 months, started off very thin and fine and now its all starting to thicken and fill in. Lots of patience is a must. 

It took me about 10 weeks to see vellus (that felt like FOREVER) then it slowly darkened and lengthened. Its like watching a pot of water boil...but it does seem to come in steadily once it darkens up. I also had continued shedding when i started, it was scary but i know from experience that sometime the disease continues on its course before it stops then starts to actually grow. Hang in there! heard great things about the pfizer results...

It really does feel like forever! Glad your e also having results, I`m excited to continue onto the extension study



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