I’ve not seen any discussions on here related to this new drug so I thought I should start one. Concert Pharmaceutcals is currently doing a clinical trial on it for Alopecia and it has been fast tracked so hopefully the FDA will approve it soon. I have recently just started taking the 12 mg twice a day. I was hoping some of you guys/girls have also taken it and could possibly give me some info on how long it took you to see results, if any. 

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Pouvez-vous nous dire si CTP-543 est un inhibiteur JAK 1, 2 , ou 3...?


ok merci

Dans les publications, il semble que c'est plutôt la voie JAK 3 qui est étudiée..c'est un dérivé du ruxolitinib. 

Thanks for letting us know mate, please let us know if this works? Safety profile etc.

How long are you on the trial for ? 

Best of luck with your journey mate hope it works for you!

Kind regards.

Jak1 and 2 like barcitinib.They wouldn’t let me in that trial because I already tried xeljanz does not make sense since xeljanz is a Jak 1 and 3.Dont see that trial in the Los Angeles area.Good luck and keep us posted hope a couple options get approved soon.

Didn’t the xeljanz work for you any?

I’m on the trial for 52 weeks at 12 mg twice a day. Which is a strong dose compared to the 4 and 8 mg they used in the previous trials in which they had a lot of success. I’m 30 yrs old and have had alopecia since I was 3, so if it works on me  it’s the real deal lol. 

as -tu eu des biopsies du cuir chevelu avant de commencer l'essai clinique?

good luck on the trial! thanks for subjecting yourself to it, please keep us updated with your progress. I had started a thread about this drug a while back, but it's tough to search on here

I go in for my second appointment next Monday, so far I have qualified, they said blood work came back good so they don't see any issues.

I’m on week 5. No growth yet but the doctor told me that it normally takes around 12 weeks before it starts working. She has showed me pictures of people who has taken it and had almost full regrowth within 24 weeks. Me personally, being AU for so long, I would just like to have my brows and lashes lol. I’m fine with the head. 

Hows it going so far? I just got my first dose today!



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