Let's lighten this up a bit! What is the craziest thing you, your doctor, or your parents have done to try to cure this thing?

I remember when I was about 7 or 8, we were out in CA visiting my mom's family, and she has this kinda hippy new age brother who was/is kinda (we're not sure anymore) married to a full on hippy new age woman. Anyway, they talked my mom into taking me to see these psychic healers. I remember we went to these peoples home, and they put me on this table and lit candles all around me, and were holding thier hands out over the top of me and moving them back and forth over me in an attempt to sense what was wrong with my bodies energy. I remember thinking to myself, this is the strangest thing I've ever experianced. Anyway, after we were done, they told us that I was imbalanced, and needed to take these herbs and creams that, wouldn't you know it, they happened to sell! To this day, that was the wierdest, and one of the funniest (looking back) things I've ever experianced!

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Haha, just wait till you hear this one....I have a crazy greek aunt, who had heard of a way to help people with hair loss in the village in greece. I was about 10 and was pretty desperate to get some hair going...anyways, she sent over some clear liquid thing, that "boorns and h-irritates thee hhead" (greek accent lol). So my parents sit me down, get a Q-tip, and pop this distinctive smelling clear-as-water liquid on my head, which burned like a mother....I had this to "irritate" the scalp, sort of a kick in the pants to the follicles. of course, it didnt work. and I forgot about it, until I had this organic chemistry lab this year, and i smelled the burn-juice! We were using diluted hydrochloric acid to perform a extraction in the lab. Guess what the burn-juice was.... yea, I acidified my head as a child. :)

wow ouch...

Ugh I remember when i was 4 my mom would get some chinese medicine that was really ground up sea-horses and put it in chocolate milk. Oh my god it was so awful tasting!

Hmm....That's a tough one. I actually think the psychic healers thing sounds like it'd be pretty cool.

I guess for me it was when I was at a gas station stocking up on Gatorade before my horse back riding lesson (hot summer day it'd be foolish not to have it ready to chug down at a moment's notice) a guy walked up to us and asked to pray for my hair to grow back. He had a walking stick he lifted into the air as he prayed for me. He waved his hand over my head too. It was actually kind of cool....Afterwards he insisted on paying for a donut for me.

And my cousin told her pastor at her church I had Alopecia and when we (my extended family) got duped into going to mass they tried to splash me with holy water....I ducked...They went around again two guys this time and were aiming for me.

My friend I dragged along got it instead. So yeah....



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