Could NETTLES have caused my almost full regrowth PICS attached

Going from AT (zero smooth scalp/beard etc) to what looks like full regrowth. Note , I’ve been AT for 5 years. February 2018 I applied raw stinging nettles on my scalp and beard for  5 days a week for 3 weeks. There was considerable discomfort for 2-3 hours after each application. 8 weeks approx later I was on holiday in LA and I noticed in a mirror fine scalp hairs all over the top of my head. I then applied minoxidil to my scalp and twice daily along with an every other day application of nettles. The pictures attached show the regrowth for the last 9 weeks since the 1st signs of regrowth in LA. Only other change I’ve made is I have lost 2 stone in weight due to daily jogs and cutting out excess sugars. 

Ps , I have not seen my hair in 5 years and I appear to have a mature receding hairline (was fairly receded 5 years ago) so I’m not sure what my hair will look like upon a “Full growth” , the hair is very light but with color concealers like topic I appear to have a “normal” male growth to a passer by on the street. I’m extremely happy with this and wonder if it may help others. 

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Sounds like similar treatment to anthralin or maybe even squaric acid 

I tried this myself as well with nettles I grew at home.  I was never able to induce a significant enough reaction, in my opinion, but there was some unpleasantness.  I probably didn't have enough plant to do it daily, but maybe twice per week or so.  At any rate, it never had an effect and I discontinued after a few months.  Glad to see it seems to be working for you.



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