Is it possible to dye the white regrowth? If yes, then what products work best?

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All of my regrowth is pure white. It is all within the last 6 months that I've been dying it because it became more than what had not been attacked yet. Bright white could no longer be hidden with clever barrettes and clips. So now I am basically 95% all regrowth.
I've successfully colored it with Nice And Easy temporary dye with the additive of No Gray. Without the No Gray added to the dye, the dark brown dye gave me a very weak tea color. With it, my hair is so dark that it isn't even seeming to fade with washings so go ahead and look for No Gray. I have found it at Walgreens, Kmart and Walmart. It's not everywhere. I've never seen it at Target and without it, the dye just barely takes.
My new concern is that keeping up with the stark white roots every two weeks is difficult for me so I've been washing a lot to lighten up the dark brown colored hair in hopes of going lighter so the roots aren't so stark so fast.
Let me know how it goes for you.
I've never had any of my white regrowth go back to being pigmented and so far have not lost any regrowth, either. I washed yesterday without coloring the roots to see if there is a better way to ease out of being dark haired but I did have a cry at the look of the skunk on the top...

So that's how dark my colored white-as-granulated-sugar regrowth is. Like the darkest of dark chocolate and that next to an inch of white on both sides of my part which is very hard to conceal.
I was wondering if anyone knows of some sort of extensions that are meant just for the part on top that would cover white regrowth. I guess I mean a topper but not a full one. Just a strip that could be attached that looks like a part. Is there such a thing?



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