I have had alopecia for about 4 months and I am going crazy as I keep myself from coloring it as I usually do. I don't want alopecia to stop my life! I love color! Will it make it fall out more or does AA really have its own agenda?

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No it will not fall out any more than it would normally. Color your hair!! It will give what is left more body, and make your hair look fuller. At least it does mine, and then the scalp that shows through isn't AS obvious as when I have darker roots. We think that maybe if we don't color our hair, or don't wash it so often, or don't brush/comb it as much, we are going to preserve the hair that we have. Not so. What is coming out is coming out, whether that be today or tomorrow. It is coming out on it's own regardless of what you do, or don't do to it. What will be will be.

I really like what you said here. I used to love getting my hair done and now I hate getting it wet or brushing it so now I always wear it up. But that's true what you said what is coming out is coming out :)

I think we all used to shy away from washing or brushing or combing too much. Only when necessary... but I really believe what will fall out will fall out. No stopping it. So I don't wash my hair tonight, and I feel better because I won't get this pile of hair that someone could make a damn sweater with !! LOL. But then the next night, I get a pile of what looks like twice as much....to make up for the two days. Can't win. I think we all used to keep the hair in piles, or put it into a bag. Just to try to mentally/visually keep track of it. How silly. Dermatologist will take a laundry list of blood tests, and hopefully you have great insurance. I never got any definitive answer about any of it. People on here have tried all kinds of shots, etc. I guess a few seemingly had some luck,but I feel once you get started, you must keep doing it. Or you lose what maybe did grow. I don't hold much hope in any of it. Like I stated, hope you have great insurance. Not everyone can afford to try treatment after treatment, or continually use a product such as Rogaine. Twice a day!!!! And read the side effects. Not for me.

I had a friend/client that had the injection one time, her hair grew back and never fell out again. It can happen, but not in every case.

I bleached my hair! :) It does get brittle if you don't maintain it (i learned the hard way) but it was the best thing I did. My bald spots aren't that noticeable. I didn't see any abnormal hair loss from dying it, either. Go for it!

I do believe coloring my hair had an effect on my hair loss. I spent several years with AA, only having a random spot here or there, and never having two at the same time. In August 07' with only one 'nickle-to-quarter' sized spot on the top of my head, (that I would cover with a sharpie, lol) I decided to color my long brown hair, because being out in the sun had lightened it, making the black sharpie pretty noticeable. I did color, and within a couple of months, I didn't have enough hair, to stay in a ponytail holder. In fact, my ponytail was smaller around than a pencil. I have always felt that it was a bad idea to color it. I will say though, that you are right about AA having its own agenda. Though we all try, I don't know that we are ever really able to 'control' it. So, if you think you would feel better coloring your hair, then you should color it! I'm not trying to discourage you, this was just my experience. Yours may be wonderful!

Bleach is very hard on hair even if you do not have Alopecia. A wig can give you the color you want without jeopardizing your hair. There is evidence that hair color can accelerate hair loss, and it is your decision but do you want to take the risk?
As a stylist for over 35 years I have learned unfortunately that many of the services we perform on clients are in fact dangerous to their health. I used to say that hair color does not cause cancer, but the evidence is mounting that it does. Everyone has to weigh the risks and benefits for themselves.





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