Hi all who are on xeljanz ! First off I want to just say I hope everyone is having safe success with their hair growth!

I have spoke to my Derm and I want to collect data from everybody to present to my Derm to see if I can speed up my growth and to see if my Derm can also present this to his board and perhaps get help on obtaining xeljanz. This will also help people starting xeljanz and this data will
Help people who are not seeing much growth.

If you's can kindly answer in this order it will be appreciated so much,

1) How long have you been taking xeljanz?

2) Have you been taking anything before , alongside or still taking with xeljanz ? I.e another immune suppressor or vitamins ?

3) What percentage is your hair growth? If you have any with xeljanz?

4) What month did you have success on xeljanz since starting it ?

5) Could you upload any before and after PICS of your regrowth ??

6) whilst on xeljanz have you experienced any shedding ?

7)have you lost any hair whilst on xeljanz ?

Two new questions if you could all please answer. Thank you so much for taking some time out to answer these questions as it would help me and others on and starting xeljanz!!

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Thanks for the link mate
Anyone updates people ? I see a lot of new people on this thread asking about xeljanz so hopefully they can see everyone success stories here.

Kind regards

Hi Singh
Just about to have my last go at Xeljanz.i have been in it since last June with fantastic growth until late .September. Then had to go off it due to a UTI which I never have had before. I have RA so that is why I am on it as well as alopecia universalis. It took 6 weeks to find right antibiotic to got rid of it. All hair fell out. Started in November agin until January no hair growth at all. Another two UTIs have interrupted treatment.off it for a few weeks to give body a break but RA awful. I will start again next week. Any more UTIs and off it altogether. Wish me luck. Not results you want to hear but the side effects of infection outweigh the dream of hair.
Annipanni, I just remembered that I had UTIs as well at the beginning when I started Xeljanz. It happened like 4 times in a short period of time, and I realized it was always sex related, so my gynecologist prescribed me a low dose antibiotic to have at home and take only one pill before or after. It's been over 1 year and no more UTIs.
Good luck!



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