hello everyone i live in australia in Melbourne and have a tv program called today tonight!! a little girl was on the tv with her family she is 9 years old and has alopecia universalis as do i! she seen a naturopath and now has a full head of hair from taking to special vitamins if anyone wants the phone number to this naturopath line for these vitamins i can post it on here! this is no JOKE! I HAVE ALOPECIA UNIVERSALIS TOO HAD IT FOR 5 YEARS NOW HAVE ALL MY EYEBROWS AND EYELASHES AND MY HAIR IS GROWING RAPIDLY NOT FROM THE VITAMINS THOUGH IM NOT SURE WHY MINE IS GROWING BUT AM VERY HAPPY AND ALSO HAPPY TO GIVE THE VITAMINS A GO TO :) HOPE THIS CAN HELP US ALL AND IS A CURE!!!!!

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hi..thats very interesting. I also havve alopecia universalis and would love to try this out. can you possibly give me the phone number to this line? i would really appreciate it.
hi ethan , the company is called fusion vitamins the number is 1800 550 103 hope that helps good luck :)
sorry ethan i am in australia so the international number is 61 2 66 807 622
Wow, crazy. I'm still kind of skeptical because i dont like to get my hopes up... but keep us posted if anything happens. Best of luck to you.
Can you give me the info please!
Wow that is great news and I am really happy for you and that your hair is growing. Good luck with that. I live in Europe, however right now I do have a friend who is going to australia. Pls could u send me some more info so I could ask this friend of mine to get me some. Vitamins are def no gonna do any harm, so worth a shot right. Pls pls pls, send us more info
ditto that. I wonder can I get them in the states
Everything is harder to get over here.
hey guys the company is called fusion , they are chinese herbal medicine vitamins, one is a multi vitamin the other is a womens balance vitamin, they are available in any health food shop in australia, so im sure your friend will be able to get you some! you can also buy on line if you have a credit card ? just google fusion health suplements , best of luck :-)
Hi everyone,
I am with the Australia Alopecia Areata Foundation on www.aaaf.org.au and we have a facebook page which has a link to the details if you wish to view it.

We also have a group here on alopecia world as well....you might like to ask some members there whether they have tried the tablets, I know a few people have started them already.

Good luck to all of you that are considering starting them.
Here is the story from the website. I read the article and I am trying this but I am not holding my breath...


Girl grows her hair back

* Reporter: Josh Fajzullin
* Broadcast Date: November 05, 2010

In primary school most girls are fussing about whether to have their hair in a braid or a pony tail, not contemplating life with no hair.

We all take the hair on our head for granted and it is not until you lose all of it that you realise how important it is, especially if you are nine years old.

Willow Cossill went from having long brown locks to no hair at all, none on her head, no eyelashes or eyebrows.

Her whole body was bald within two weeks.

"Willow was going to a party, a disco party," her mum Maria said.

"As I was brushing her hair I noticed clumps of hair coming out in my hands and I just thought 'this isn't normal'."

Willow suffers from an extreme form of Alopecia.

It is a rare skin disease which results in hair loss, except Willow's whole body was left bald and told the chances of it growing back were nil.

As her hair disappeared so did her friends. Suddenly Willow's once social life was spent inside her bedroom.

"I thought that I was going to be bald forever and I wouldn't have any friends," Willow said.

Maria tried everything. Bush doctors, dermatologists, hair specialists, determined her daughter would not have to wear a wig for the rest of her life.

"The last specialist we went to was a dermatologist and we were told 0.01 per cent chance," she said.

Then came a chance meeting with naturopath Alfonse Papalia who recommended an alternative treatment, Chinese herbal medicine.

"The women's hair nourishes and invigorates the blood and in turn once the blood is nourished it will feed the hair follicles as happened in Willow's case," Alfonse said.

Willow was put on a combination of a multivitamin and a women's balance vitamin.

After two years of searching for answers, results came in two weeks.

Alfonse claims to have helped pre and post menopausal women with hair loss.

He believes men with Alopecia could benefit too.

"It would give people who would not normally have hope, hope," he said.

Alopecia foundations and organisations in Australia maintain to this day there is still no cure.

You can find the same treatment at health food stores. Interestingly Alopecia affects around 10,000 people in Australia.
Related information

Global Therapeutics Pty Ltd
Fusion Health and Oriental Botanicals
Ph: 1800 550 103
Email: alfonse@fusionhealth.com.au
Website: www.fusionhealth.com.au

PO Box 1999, Byron Bay, NSW 2481 Australia
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Hi, I'm located in Melbourne and I suffer from Alopecia Areata. Would you be able to provide a phone number. Thank you!

Ok SO I just purchased this stuff, and took the 1st tablets, don't taste the nicest so hopefully it works....



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