Anyone figured this out? With summer coming I'd like to take my kids to the beach
and I don't want to wear my expensive human hair wig. I'd love ideas for what works
in a pool, the ocean, etc.

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Hi Nadine. I'm psyched about summer, too. You may want to check out a recent discussion: Swimming/Summer * Posted by Charity on March 25, 2010 at 10:09am in Bald is beautiful, head shaving, etc.
Hi Lisa,
Thanks so much - that thread was incredibly helpful! I'm ordering one of those swim caps with hair today! They look fantastic. I don't want to go to the beach with just a hat.... hate to think of it blowing off & it gets windy at the ocean. LOL. But I also hate how hot it is with a regular wig. What do you do? :) Nadine
Hi Nadine,
Glad it helped. Those swim caps do seem kind of cool. For me, though, I savor the joy that is bare & bald-headed beach! That's one place it's obvious for me that no hair is an advantage--I put the sunscreen on my face & just keep going onto the scalp. I don't think twice about how the salt water or chlorine or wind are going to affect my hair. I enjoy the sensual delight of water sliding right past a smooth head! I relish that people are either blissed out & not really looking at anyone or are looking at pretty much everyone. Out of the water, I often wear a hat for sun protection--did you know many men find hats with big brims sexy & wish more women would wear them?
Happy spring,
You can get a head scarf with a elastic back that is cool for the beach or a bandana,i wouldn`t recommend a wig hun,the sunshine will do your head good,find a qiuet spot ,plenty of sunfacter n leave it natural...have a great time.





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