Been on this site for about 2 weeks and feel guilty about my hair loss

I see all the people here and many have lost all their hair and I have only lost about half of my hair. I feel guilty for complaining about my hair loss when all of you have lost alot more. Many of you have such a positive outlook and I am having a hard time with the hair loss I have had. I am embarrassed to go out or have friends see me. I wish I could afford a wig or topper but I can't. I need to learn how to deal with the hair loss and feeling ugly. I use to have thick long hair that everyone would comment how beautiful it was. Now I have this thin fuzzy looking stuff and you can see my scalp through it and I have some bald spots that I can't hide. You all are so brave. I give you alot of credit for how you handle your hair loss. People who do not have Alopecia do not take it serious. They think it is no big deal. But it is a big deal. The depression some people go through because of hair loss is no joke. I hope I get better at dealing with it. Thank you all for being here. I have been trying to help women who can't afford hair pieces by getting used wigs and hair pieces donated so I can give them to low income women with hair loss. I have gotten 5 wigs so far and hopefully I will get more so I can help these women because if I cannot afford them I know other women can't either. I hope I can make this program work. I am calling it The Hair Giver Program. Again thank you all .

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I understand when you say you feel guilty, but hopefully you will get over those feelings. Even though your level of loss may not seem extreme when compared to others, it is still just that - a loss. I feel guilty because I'm not as accepting of myself as others are (I don't know that I could ever go bald in public, for example), but it is an up and down kind of thing for everyone, I think. But as you have already found out, you are definitely not alone!

Thank you for your comment. Your right, I think we are harder on ourselves and we notice the changes in our hair loss because we see it every day but they don't really notice it until the loss really shows. This time is hard for many of us because we get invited to parties etc and many of us are alone and dealing with our hair loss which can make us depressed. I have been having a hard time and feeling sad about my hair loss almost like I lost a friend. Well I need to get over it. I go to Dr. on the 30th and I am asking for referral to Endo and Dermatoligist. I wish you a Merry Christmas and everyone on Alopecia World.

It's your hair.....and I hope that you will stop feeling guilty.  I think that the Hair Giver program is wonderful......

No one asks for this condition, no matter if they lose all or half, or a quarter, or ANY amount of hair. 


Thank you for responding. I have been trying to get used or new hair pieces donated but so far no luck. It is sad that I cannot get used wigs that are not used anymore donated to help these women who can't afford to buy them. I hope things change because it is needed.



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