I was diagnosed with Alopecia when I was 13 and was completely bald by the age of 19.  I am a fan of my own bald head.  Let me know if you would be willing to answer some questions for me for an art project.  I teach at an art college and my students are working with the theme ADVOCACY.  I am doing the project with them and have chosen "Alopecia" as my "content/ cause".  My intent is to either raise awareness and/or create some sort of tool that would help bald women and men be bald in public (if it was something they wanted but could not quite yet find the courage).  I need responses from two different people (as this was the homework I gave my students).  It would be a huge help if you could offer your responses.

Much love to all of you,


1) About how long ago were you diagnosed with Alopecia and about how long has your hair loss been noticeable? 
2) Have you ever been bald in public? If so, what gave you the courage to leave your home bald? 
3) If you have not been bald in public...what would give you the confidence to do so? These answers may be unachievable (controlling public reactions, etc.).

***Your participation would be completely anonymous.  Answers will be shared with a group of 16 women at an all women's art school.  Many of whom are impressed daily that I am bald in public everyday.

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Hi, Lynn:

1. Was diagnosed originally in June 2001 with AA. Hair loss spots grew back with steroid injections and no further loss until Nov 2016 - when I lost every hair on my body (AU) in a couple of weeks. However, hair had been thinning for decades from thyroid issues.

2. No, and I wouldn't. I'm 67 and was raised in the "proper" 50s & 60s of always looking your best. Alas, I get the scalp acne, also have granuloma and vitilago, so wouldn't want to subject someone to looking at a not so good looking bald head.

3. I might go bald if I were 3 or 4 decades younger with nothing else going on with my scalp.
Hello, because the woman before me shared her age, I feel like this may be a pertinent item. I am 25, November 1st 1992. I was raised with the Disney era of "accept yourself because you are perfect".

1. I was diagnosed just before my 22nd birthday. My hair started falling out the last week of August and within 3 weeks it was all gone.
2. I immediately bought a wig and wore that when I wasn't wearing a hat. I was at work one day, as a server, very busy, hot, heat lamps, busy!!!! I ripped the wig off and worked the rest of all my shifts, and life, bald. That was some point in December.
3. Going bald in public isn't easy, even after years of doing so, but for me it's easier than wearing a wig. You choose your battles, society, or for me, discomfort and anxiety.





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