Has anyone tried the auto immune diet and did it work? It looks like it is very hard.

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I follow AIP and so far it has not helped with hair growth but it has greatly improved a couple of other autoimmune conditions I have so I am sticking with it.  It was very difficult at first but has now become habit.  The secret for me as far as staying with the protocol has been to batch cook so I don't have to deal with food prep through the week.  Good luck if you try it!

which one do you use it seems like there is a couple.. I bought a cook book today from Sam's from Madeline Given but i have looked another one on internet and can't find name right now that i was going to compare them. which one have you tried? Thanks!!

ok Thanks!!

Hi Coleen,

How long have you been doing the AIP diet for so far? 

About 15 months.

Has it helped at all?

Not for growth (still hope) but it has improved my overall health.

I started it 3 months ago.  It's not easy, but you can do it.  I don't think you will see instant results; however, I did notice that my stomach issues were gone right away.  At some point (when you decide), you can start reintroducing foods that are allowed on the paleo diet.  Go online to read from The Paleo Mom (Saran Ballentyne).


Are you still doing Paleo diet? Has it helped? I have got to do something about this because now it is effecting my whole body such as knee pain and joint pain all over my body.Thanks

Hey, I personally went on the Paleo diet for 15 months. Had success, but not full success and got discouraged and went off. My condition reversed and got worse after doing that. I am now on a lectin free diet. I have had hairs grow back that haven’t been on my body since the original falling out phase 3 years ago. My hair on my head is fully back and gaining pigment every day! 

Hi, I tried AIP diet for 7 months. It eliminated the knee pain, didn't help at all with my hair. It's not so hard, just more time consuming and more expensive.



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