AU: Does your skin become more sensitive or dry when you have AU?

I discovered that my skin became more sensitive when I got AU. Also, my skin became more dry and more sensitive for hot showers and sauna and hot weather. I use body oils and I do not want to use Corticosteroid cream as possible.

My dermatologist explained that everybody has micro parasites crawling on their skin, but when you lose hair you become more vulnerable for those things.

Are there more people with AU with this problem?

Thanks in advance for your reply.


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Replies to This Discussion are trying a lot of stuff. I have AU but no other aliments at this time. I have my fingers crossed that they will come out with an ointment to help with hair growth in the next few years.  I may try tumeric as I have heard good things about that.  Best of luck to you, Gon.....wish you good health and happiness and HAIR!!!

You need to maybe see a different dermatologist,dry skin is because you lack extra layers of skin, I went to cosmetology school so I now what I'm talking have you tried a drug called ldn or Xeljanz or tried a low level lazer hair brush by hair max.this things have worked for mist people that have tried them.the level brush worked the best for me.because my hair follicles were damaged from a prescription shampoo and I'm allergic to certain steroids which can damage hair follicles and led to hair loss
Hi Spring, I'm currently on LDN. Thursday next week I'm on 4.5 dosage. I hope it works. Now I am laying in the sun, 15 minutes a day unprotected helps says my dermotologist. Are you also AU? I'm afraid lazer brushes won't help for me. How did you know you are allergic to steroids? Do derms have tests like that? Or was it a test at a naturopath?
I uncolored and dyed my dark hair blond like 4 times in 2015. Now I think it helped trigger my AU incombination with stress..
They say everyones hair loss is different,so I try everything till I figure it out,I'm allergic to a lot of stuff since I was a little kid,I actually chew any new medican(i do not think anyone should try this without asking a doctor first),within a few minutes I had hives all inside of my mouth.after it all cleared up(this was years ago and had No kind of any problems since) I chewed the medican agian in a small spot in my mouth exactly the same thing happened..also there is a big law suit against a shampoo company named( Wen ),some people probably had allergic reaction to it and now have extensive hair loss like us.I'd only reamed getting your hair forsted with foil so the hair color never sits on the scalp
I have also had a head concushtion so lack of blood to the hair follicles would cause stress=hair I used that prescription shampoo on one spot one my arm and one spot on my leg =no hair growth there since,I've noticed a few hairs in those spots the past few days.Again i don't recommend chewing any medication also ask a doctor first..,I needed to know for myself what my body was allergic guessing if you have dry skin we might have sensitive hair follicles too.there are a few spots that haven't grown back in for me on my scalp(those spots are actually were I got the injections
Hi Spring, terrible that you are so allergic, must be very difficult. I'm also allergic, but more sensitive to parfummix, too much sun (I was in the sun unprotected for 15 minutes, and my elbows are itching)and detergents.Srange enough I wasn't allergic to hairdye. I'm thinking of going to a Chinese doctor who practices TCM. I'll keep you updates how it goes. I have no hair at all, I chose not to have injections because sounds to heavy, supressing the immune- system and I've read it does nothing for AU.

Hi, Yup its true!

I used to bath three times a week only and based on your skin type (mine is oily) you need to maintain your routines. And my skin is weird like i can cut myself with my own nails and i have to wear soft cloths coz hard cloths hurt my skin. I live in a hot place normal temperature here is 30-40 degree C but i feel super cold when temperature go down to 25-15 degree C. In winters my skin become super dry like flaky so i use natural oils and try not to bath in warm water <- it steals your skin's moisture. Hope i'm making some sense :).

Hi Monica, thanks for your post and info to better not to shower too hot and too much, I always showered everyday, but I stopped doing that as well. :)



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