AU: Does your skin become more sensitive or dry when you have AU?

I discovered that my skin became more sensitive when I got AU. Also, my skin became more dry and more sensitive for hot showers and sauna and hot weather. I use body oils and I do not want to use Corticosteroid cream as possible.

My dermatologist explained that everybody has micro parasites crawling on their skin, but when you lose hair you become more vulnerable for those things.

Are there more people with AU with this problem?

Thanks in advance for your reply.


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Initially this was also my experience, I couldn't stand my clothes. My skin was also very dry, but I've always used lotion from time to time. Summer obviously less than I do in the winter.

Hi Ohcrikey,
Yes, I can remember that last year September when it started, first the headaches a month before I started losing my hair, then I got a flu and my skin started to itch terribly and my scalp felt tingly and I felt my hair. Also my eyelids very itchy (before losing eyelashes). I always had sensitive skin but this was different, very itchy skin. When I was on vacation I had darker purplish spot on my leg, I used a corticosteroid cream. (but the cream is not good for the kidney and liver when used frequently)
After I lost all the body hair my skin became more sensitive, now I use pure coconut oil, it's natural no odor amd no perfume (better for AU's and makes the skin soft.

Hi, I have had AU for about 25 years and I most certainly have dry sensitive skin. Taking hot shows does make it worse. I just use some cheap lotion right after every shower and I don't notice it throughout the day. 

Hi Jonathan,
Okay so it is not strange. I also stopped taking hot showers.
It is better to keep the skin hydraded, because when the skin is getting too dry, it's more likely the skin will get itchy etc. That is what my dermatologist said.

Agreed, as soon as I get out of the shower I quickly dry off and put lotion on. For me its mostly my arms, back and face. Is this related to my AU or some other condition I am not sure, but the lotion works.

PS sunburns really suck with sensitive/dry skin. Its not really the burning but the itchiness that comes after the burn. Worst couple days ever. Wear sunscreen if you ever hangout in the sun... don't get burned :)  

Yes protection is important but also good to sit unprotected in the afternoon sun for 10minutes (vit D)
Be sure to use a mineral sunscreen; much better for us AU's
Here is a link for US brands:

Sweet, thank you :) 


Yes. I never used to get much acne or blemishes but now after getting alopecia I get a bit of that. I also have drier skin now.

I started using sunscreen multiple times a day which keeps the blemishes nearly all at bay. My dermatologist says sun can be one of the biggest triggers for "sensitive skin" which she says she often sees showing up with alopecians

Hi Rach,

Thanks for your post, I can conclude now that AU's have more sensitve skin.
I started with LDN 2 nights ago and I feel great! It is still a very low dose but could be that it's working.

Keep us updated on the LDN!!!!

Hi Niece,

This is my eighth day using LDN.
I upped my dosage from 0,25 to 1,75 and I must say I already feel better. I noticed on the first day that when I wake up my body is not so achy and I feel more relaxed. But time will tell, from now on one drop a day more untill I reach 4,5 (18 drops) and then it will take a few months to notice some results I think. Thumbs up.
Every day I take:
Vit. D 1000ie
Saw palmetto

And no gluten, (almost, except milk in coffee and raw kefir/ yoghurt cheese occasionally) no dairy.



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