My hair's gotten worse,i am now on treatment but it will take at least 2 years to grow back...but im considering shaving it all off and getting a vacuum wig because i really want to go back to school ready for GCSE's in september and i want to go back with hair that would look like my own,
how much would the longest wig cost?
would bangs/side sweepy fringes suit an oval face?
if you have one has anyone ever noticed it's a wig?
thanks for the help!

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We order long wigs with lace and silk tops and they cost about $500. They are not the vacuum but these works better for my daughter. Message me and I will send you the link.

Vacuums are great but about 6 k for 16 inches. I dont think anyone guessed my human hair wigs were wigs-14 inches- Jacquelyn's . If they did they never said and long term friends who knew had thought I grew my hair back! I wish! But I do find my vacuum very high in quality. But I have AU now so it's a different situation,


In my personal experience the short answer is 'yes'.

Everybody will have their opinion on what suits them the best and my opinion is tempered with considerable understanding and knowledge of people wearing this type of hairpiece, my daughter included.

I will just write my personal account of why this works and you are welcome to ask me any questions about my professional knowledge.

My daughter has been wearing this type of hairpiece since she was 12, she is now 21 years old. They work for her on every level. They are secure (she lives her life with no fuss because of this - no glues or tapes), they move and look like biological hair(she has always found them to be aesthictically pleasing as have those around her), they are cost effective (when looked after they last for many years), they are comfortable and easy to care for (easy clean hair and cap and hair that stays beautiful for many years). This solution for her has given her the ability to get on with life without the constant concerns on how she wants to present herself. It hasn't taken away her alopecia (this is dealt with on a daily basis), but it has given her the ability to be confident and secure in her choices and how she wants to look.

Long hair is something that many people want when they loose their hair (understandably), but with a Freedom wig you are getting 100% unprocessed virgin human hair and this does have limitations and cost implications as you ask for longer lengths. It can take a humanbeing up to 10 years to grow 18 inches of hair and for a Freedom hairpiece they would require up to 20 raw ponytails in this length with the colour, curl preference and texture that you require to make a wig in this length. As there are no people farms this can be a challenging part of the process - not impossible but something that can have delays and limitations. You can not and should not compare processed hair (which works for many) to the hair that Freedom Wigs (100% unprocessed virgin human hair) uses as the cost, durability and look is very very different.

Good luck with your decisions around this as I'm sure if you work from your own needs you will find a solution that works well for you.


I think it all depends on you, and what you would like in a wig. I would do some research into all the different types before you purchase a vacuum wig. They can be thousands of dollars like Amy mentioned, but they will last longer than other wigs. It depends on if you are willing to do the maintenance on it over the years too. I wear synthetic wigs. The majority of people have no idea that I am wearing a wig. There are several options out there so look around. Good luck!

I can't remember when I started wearing vacuum hair pieces - I know over 12 years, possible close to 14 years - You can not get better quality hair than unprocessed virgin hair!!! the security of the piece is great due to the silicone base custom fit to your head! You do have to be bald to wear them though, and if you're not, you have to shave at least every other day to get it to suction like it needs to. I have had more people say to me, "I would have never known you were wearing a wig!" I don't know of any wigs that don't need some fringe, possible a little bangs to help camouflage - even with the vacuum pieces. The cost varies by length - they will start in the $3000.00 dollar range. Another thing about vacuum pieces, or at least where I buy from, they will only do repairs on them up to 5 yrs, after that time, they won't, and they do have to be repaired over time, in my case, usually twice. That being said, I guess it's fair to say the lifetime on one is 5 to 6 years depending on the lastest repair.

I hated vacuum wigs only because they get very very hot and you sweat a lot in them since there is no air circulation.

Hey Liv. I champion Lace Front Wigs/Full Lace Wigs. Google. Perhaps this is an option you might like to consider? I love them because of the 'hair line' illusion and, you can get them made to your exact head size and specification (that would make sense once you look it up on Google). You can secure it to your head with either wig tape or wig glue (I dont use glue - that way I can take my wig off when I want). Some wig tape are so strong that you can even go swimming and your wig wont come off! Whilst LFWs are not for everyone - check them out. You can buy them online or on the High Street (in London anyway) in Wig/Beauty shops (on most major high streets in an area with a Black/ethnic presence). Good Luck

Can you please send me the link





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