I've been researching and I kept on reading chinese herbs this and that.
when i read one site it spoke about alopecia and what type of chinese herbs you should use.

I was thinking that the chinese herbs can cure alopecia.

If you read what i wrote about myself and my alopecia i was wondering if it might work.

I call my hair ' baby hair ' or when i pull my hair back i look like a radish head.. hehe

From the sides of my hair i have like a 'v' and its like a reducing hairline and from the sides theres baby hair and long hair growing.

what do you guys think? I wanted to give it a try and tell you guys...

Some of the herbs are really spicy and you should massage it through your scalp every day then i've heard theres tablets you should take every day as well...

I'll keep reading about chinese herbs and i'll type it to you guys..

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It works on some people,but not me.
Different Chinese doctor would give you different list of herbs. The list depends on your sympton such as the strength of your pulse,the coating on your tongue,or something like that.
Not all Chinese doctor can fix alopecia.If you want to use chinese medicine ,you have to use it for a long time to make it work,usually it takes months even years..And it taste bad enough..
So if you wanna try, good luck :).
Yeah thats true some hair medicines i used ( treatment ) didnt work on me but worked for other people.
ahh I didnt know that, I thoguht they would all give the same kind or something similar... Oh i see, interesting..
Yes thats true, I always put my hopes up and then everything crashes and burns ( in my head ) so I'll do it but i'll calm no hopes... hehe

Yeah I'll do anything!! :D even if it tastes bad. Yes everything takes a long time. My hair doctor Geoff ( hes really good ) he told me just be patient.... and hes right...

thanks for the advice... :D xoxo
If you want to try this, don't do it willy-nilly on your own. Go to a Chinese herbalist/nutritionist and have them examine you; that's the only way they can determine which herbs to prescribe. Eastern medicine is a whole different ball game than Western, and they view the body & health in different way and approach it with a different attitude.

I would encourage you to try it. You most likely will benefit as a whole, even if it does not help with hair growth. You have nothing to lose.... Good luck!
Thanks for the advice comment. :)
Yeah, my partner chris said the same thing, I should go to chinese herbalist and they'll have to examine and see my hair and so on...I hope it works but everything takes time really... even months...
I agree with Gail on this one and had a similar experience to Aimee when I stopped using acupuncture.

I am now studying Chinese medicine and Acupuncture and seeing one of my instructors once a week to strengthen my immune system. The Chinese do look at alopecia from a different perspective and treat each person individually. Therefore my treatment will be different from everyone elses as my body constitution is different. I encourage everyone to give it a go - at worst you will be rebalancing your body. Note: Please make sure that you are going to a licensed Acupuncturist.
Thanks guys for the reply. :) it really helped.
Hi, Maya!...my 10 year old daughter has had AA since December...had steroid injections, and she kept losing...it's almost all gone, and we started going to my acupuncturist for that and for cold laser treatments. Ask about those. He also did "muscle testing" and kinesiology...it's all about treating the body from the inside out. We're trying every day...it's worth a try, right?
I thought about giving up and letting things do whatever they're going to do on their own...but I can't! I'm determined to TRY to find a trigger for hers.
Good Luck and keep us posted!!
lisa :)
I was told rosemary helps...rub some on your scalp and wrap a towel around and sit for a few hours...smells good lol



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