I have been buying my wigs from Premier Lace Wigs the past couple years, and am used to ordering custom as I like to order lower density in the silk top area as well as many other customizations. I find that most wigs are made way too bulky on top and look very silly on me so I like them to be as flat and natural as possible. Just found out that because of the pandemic premier lace wigs is no longer doing custom orders. Seems like this is the case for alot of companies right now. 

Trying to do research and order a new one ASAP and I know it can take time. Thought I would ask on here as other people might be in the same boat. 

I did contact WigsRoyal and they said they can do custom wigs but it would take 4-5 months!! I also dont know anything about their reputation or quality. 

Anyone else have any suggestions? Or let me know your experience with Wigs Royal - quality, etc I'd love know before I delve into buying from a new company, especially if its a custom order that will take months. 

Specifically i'm looking for Full lace Silk Top Virgin European Hair (or possibly Brazilian if thats all they have)


PS: Alternatively!! - If you can recommend another brand/company that makes their in stock wigs with nice low, natural looking density on top and great quality hair - Please let me know!!! 

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I wear Freedom wigs.  Custom, very expensive and takes months to get one.  They come from New zealand.  I also live in Florida and they are very hot.  So can't wear year round.  They have a web site if you are interested in looking.  I have never heard if Wigs Royal.

Custom wigs are at a premium now, if you can even get them. There are some issues related to China and bordering countries which is the root of the problem. Many wigs are ventilated in other countries and pass through China. All hand tied wigs take at a minimum of 3 months to create, now with the pandemic some countries have closed their borders and the products cannot get to China. I have heard of wigs Royal and they seem to be fairly responsive but I have not ordered from them. There are a number of gals in New York that sell wigs that you might be interested in. Go ahead and friend me and maybe we can put our heads together and I can help you with decisions. 



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