Do you ever get to a point where you don't like seeing yourself in photos? I used to be very photogenic, but sometimes I don't like what the camera sees. If you ever felt like this please share how you overcame that situation. Thanks!

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Well, I've got a theory that the lenses fitted to cameras these days aren't optically perfect. They manage to distort reality (i.e., what's in your head ) into all sorts of weird and wacky shapes. So whenever we see pix of ourselves, we KNOW that's not how we really look... right?
As an example: not so long ago I was watching a video of a friend's wedding. I recognised everyone except this fat bald guy walking past.... then realised it was me.... ooer...!!!
Modern cameras... pah. I'm waiting till they get the tech to download images directly from the brain, then we'll all be able to see how fab we really are...either that, or how big a fibber we've all become!! ;)
Hey Norm I absolutely love your sense of humour. You put a huge smile on my dial with your comments above
Hey Norm - I get it!!! Love your humor..thanks for the laugh. BTW when that tech comes your way, please let us ALL know. LOL!!
That's why digital camera's are so great. ERASE ERASE ERASE oohhh that's a keeper. HA HA I've never liked photo's of myself - seems like they always capture my bad side :-)
Digital cameras.... on their own, not so good - but simply add Photoshop, et voila! A perfect result every time!! ;)
Sooz, we're so similar, and yet so different... you want to love yourself the same way others love you. Me, I want others to love me like I do.... ;)

OK, I'm joking, but you've a valid point there. Why ARE we our own harshest judges? Why are we so critical of ourselves? And this doesn't just apply to alopecians, it's lots of people. Thing is, to everyone else, we look the same on that photo as we do "for real"... so either 1) they take us as we are and like us anyway (and therefore we should be the same), or 2) they're too polite to say anything.....
I'm hoping it's (1).... :)
How true, we are our harshest judges. I just sent my sister some pictures of us from our recent trip, her response was....YUCK! I think she was talking about the pictures of herself ooohhhh maybe she was talking about mine :-)
Hey Petra, your profile pic - that's not the one you're talking about, is it? I think you've both got very nice full-body wigs.... would the word "fetching" be appropriate?? ;)
HA HA HA Norm, you crack me up. The 2 cuties on my profile pix are very fetching though.
Sticks? :)
Petra, I was definitely talking about the pictures of myself! I'm so critical of myself. I thought you looked beautiful in the picture :)
Thank you so much for your postings. I definitely agree with Susan that I need to rid myself of self-hatred and focus on the positive aspects of life. I know this will take some time for change to come, but transformation is on its way.
Thanks again!





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