Alopecia Totalis is much mooooore better than Alopecia Areata

Hey, I'm new on this forum, so sorry if I'm recrudeseing this theme, but am I the only one believing that it's just better to have absolutely no hairs then to have a few creepy bald areas on head? I have the AA for 9 or 10 years right now and I hate myself. I would really rather like to have AT than AA because the AT looks just much more better.

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I totally agree as to asthetics. When I hit about 30% hair left on my head, I shaved it so it would be easier to manage. I haven't had any hair growth in the few scalp hair I had left, so haven't even had to shave my scalp in about a year.

I have AU which has a lot of perks as to legs & underarms, but it also brings pitfalls:
Loss of eyelashes causes eye irritation because there's nothing to keep irritants, or even soapy water in the shower, out of your eyes.
Loss of nose hair causes introduction of irritants and makes allergies worse.
Loss if cilia in ears can lead to hearing loss.
Fingernails go to crap as part of the effects.
And, a few other things I won't mention.

totally agree.. 

I try to explain to my wife it's like when you have one pimple it stands out so much more then a face full.... sorry my personal opinion!

also if your bald it's to me more easier that you just gonna have to accept.. there's a lot of us hiding out where you have nowhere to hide thus getting on with life.

had an asian in school with some twigs left, and it was horrible, I was like dude you need to find a way to wax those hairs left, as he like shaved it down but it looked downright horrible although I felt good mine was no where near as bad as his was





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