My husband was just laid off :( I am worried about our getting health insurance, between his recent bout with cancer, and my alopecia diagnosis. Even though I'm healthy otherwise, will having alopecia affect my ability to get insurance?

I *think* that if I get it through work or through my husband's new job that I'm okay. It's only if you're self-employed or trying to get it independently that alopecia may be an issue. Is that the case?

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Hi Aimee,
You are correct that if you get insurance through work that they don't evaluate your health history and you shouldn't have any problems getting coverage. After being laid off from my job and running out of COBRA coverage, I was denied individual health insurance from Aetna because of of alopecia. I had not found a new job yet, so my only option was individual coverage.

I called NAAF to get advice, and they said they had never heard of anyone being denied getting insurance coverage because of alopecia (just being denied coverage for certain alopecia treatments once they had insurance). I had had Aetna for insurance when I first got alopecia, so I had gone to a couple of different doctors and had steroid injections a few times. I was going to try to appeal their decision because it seemed like a ridiculous reason to be denied, but then another insurer accepted me.
HI Aimee, I work for a major health insurance company and I don’t think you will have issues getting health insurance. However, you may find issues with pre-existing conditions in the insurance contract. This is basically where you have been previously diagnosed with a condition and the insurance won’t pay for those related services until after a waiting period has passed. Good luck! Di
Yes, I believe that is the case. I've been denied twice trying to get individual coverage, which is so frustrating. When you get it through the workplace, it's a group plan and they have to take you. Take advantage!





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