Please join us at our meetings in New Brunswick, NJ every other month from 7-9pm at the Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital. Our next meeting is scheduled for July 20th. Please contact Elizabeth Schaaf for further information.

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does this support group still get together?
Yes, this support group still meets on schedule every other month. Third Tuesday of every month until the end of this year, then we will start to meet on a Wednesday every other month. I will start attending again once the new schedule starts as there is a conflict in the current schedule with my karate class. This is a lively group and some people come and go, but some have stayed for quite some time. My son age 9 has alopecia universalis since age 6 months. Although he is confident and we have completed accepted this disease with open arms I like to attend the meetings for the sake of keeping others company, talk about new approaches in the medical field, share our story with those just diagnosed, keep others more positive, etc. This group cares about everyone, the newly diagnosed, the family members who also suffer, the person who was diagnosed 25 years ago but still needs to get things off their mind, the kid who thinks he is alone with this disease. We don't judge, we listen and support how you feel and validate those feelings. Speaking of validate, they validate parking at the hospital. The group starts out at the hospital and then takes it to a a friendly atmosphere at a nearby Pub called Tumulty's. Here we enjoy $5 burgers with salad. Some like to have a drink or two with their meals. Unfortunately once we start meeting on Wednesdays those $5 burgers will not exist, it's only on Tuesdays. I myself miss the group dearly and can't wait until the new schedule begins in January. So to answer your question I believe the next meeting should be the third Tuesday of November. Monica Kumar is the coordinator for the group and can give you more precise information. If you would like me to forward your email to Monica so that she can place you on our message board I would be more than happy to do so. You will receive email reminders of meetings and directions. Thanks for your interest in our group. I look forward to meeting with you and hearing your story. You won't be sorry you got in touch with us. Best of Luck, Maritza
Hi Maritza,

Thanks for all the info - It sounds like a great group! How can I get in touch with them?

Found the website. I called RWJ Community Education at (732) 418-8110 and spoke to Judith. Posting the info in case anyone else is intersted....

The next meeting is on November 15th from 7-9pm in the first floor conference room.

Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital
One Robert Wood Johnson Place
New Brunswick, NJ, 08903

Thanks again Maritza!
Do you know of any groups that meet a little closer to Baltimore Maryland? I would love to come to your group and maybe I can once or twice before you switch to Wednesday's. 
Hello Deana, I found a contact person for the Baltimore, Maryland chapter. If by any chance you don't have any luck contacting this person, get back to me and I will try to find you more information. Connie Matricardi 410-823-7063. glad you found our group and glad you are trying to make a difference in your life. Way to go!!

Gina, glad to see you also have decided to step out there and see what Alopecia support groups have to offer.
Thank you. I will try to call her soon ;D
Wish we had one closer to Southeast PA that actually meets. I contacted someone through NAAF a couple years ago only to find out the support group rarely ever met anymore. Never heard anything else again.
Rodeli, would a chat group support online be of any use to you? You will reach far more people nationwide than you would just in PA. I belong to an Alopecia chat online, but it's for parents with children who have Alopecia. It's a great opportunity to talk with others from around the nation as well as international. I spoke with a young lady from Mexico, I was really impressed how she was handling it considering she doesn't know a single person with Alopecia, attends college, and has a boyfriend. It really was her way of trying to feel comfortable with her situation. She seemed really positive and even gave me advice on computer classes to teach my son to prepare him for a possible career in computer science. She is a computer science major. Good luck! I hope I was able to help.
Thank you, Maritza. I was hoping for more a group of people that actually meet and get together and do things or hang out and chat. I get a lot out of this website and chats on occasion. I met with someone I met here on AW when we found out we lived within an hour or less of each other. We both thought it would be nice to have a group of fellow alopecians to get together with.
You are probably close to Baltimore. I live 45 mins north if Baltimore if you ever want to get a little group started. Or we can find out about the Baltimore contact. I can try to call her and get more information.

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