Hey guys, I have very recently found out that I have alopecia areata.

I am 21 (22 on the 20th of December yay), and honestly I am finding it very hard. Almost heart breaking even though I know it's only just hair.

As I'm sure everyone goes through this feeling, I was wondering if anyone wanted to share their stories or tips on how to just be happy?

I am very open with my friends and act like I don't care, but I'll go home and cry and just feel so bad.

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I’m not sure I have tips but have had his since April ‘16 and feel the same...with so much going on mine seems to have got worse. Herenif you want to chat as you really aren’t alone :(

Contact the National Alopecia Areata Foundation and they will give you a list of groups in your area and hopefully there is a Phone Support Person you can contact to talk. I am a phone support person in Indian Wells, Ca. If you would like to contact me, send me a friend request. My daughter developed AU when she was 21 and this has not stopped her one bit from doing what she loves to do. She is my hero and with the right support you will too. Hope to hear from you. Lisa

I felt the same. A few days ago I made it public what was going on with my head (completely bald), and the support I got from my friends and from people I haven’t spoken to in ages helped me a lot. It takes time, I certainly didn’t wake up and post about it, it took a lot of courage. But I did it and I don’t regret it at all. 





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