Since doctors can only write me recipes of steroid pills (that actually doesnt help me) I'm on my own research. Looking not how to hide symptoms with pills but what actually cause them.
All my life I suffer from eczema and last 5 years from alopecia areata ( almost totalis but still around 10 hairs still left on my head). It's seasonal for me - starts on winter and during summer my hair grow back. Same my eczema - the symptoms get so bad during winter and on summer it's just dissapear. So i decided that those 2 are very related and since my eczema get so bad after eating some foods I thought that it can be the reason of alopecia as well. Because an inflammation causes the alopecia in our bodies and food intolerance is one of the reason that can cause an inflammation for people. Alopecia=inflamation=food intolerances.
So what I did.. I decided to make a food intolerance test (I actually already could see what makes my eczema so bad but I thought maybe there is something that I couldnt recognize yet). It came out that I dont tolerate yeast which I was using almost everyday my whole life. So I was poisoning my body without knowing it. I'm still not 100% sure that eliminating products that our body doesnt tolerate is the cure for the alopecia but that makes a lot of sense for me. I learnt it just yesterday and from now I will watch what I eat super careful.
So I recommend for everyone to find out what cause the inflamation in your bodies. Stress? Food? Whatever it is. Just wanted to share my story maybe it can be useful for somebody because doctors dont try to find the reason, they just write you recipes to hide symptoms.

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what was the name of the food intolerance test you used?



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