Am I only one who get suicidal tendencies? 

I'm becoming an absolute failure at my exams.

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Hi Star, would you recommend LDN 3,5mg tot start? I was advised to increase slowly (started at .5mg), but I have increased within a week to 1.5mg. However, no improvement yet. If I don't suffer from heavy side effects, shall I jump to 3,5?

I think we all feel very down at times with alopecia, but it will get better if you talk about it and express your feelings either on here or with someone you trust x

Please do find support. One certainty about life is that it changes.
My lengthier reply seems to have vanished. Hmmm.
If you are down now, there's a good chance you will be up in the future. I don't pretend to have achieved wisdom, but in my nearly 50 years I have been so self conscious I could barely function, I have despised myself and thought I deserved to die, I have been content, and I have been so in love with living that every moment was a joy. Most of the time I have probably just slogged along. I don't think that the state of my hair follicles, having hair or not, decides my happiness. If I am unhappy, it is more likely to do with how I am living my life than with how my outside appears to the world (Can there really be that many people with nothing better to think about than what my hair looks like???)
If you had a daughter, would you tell her that alopecia made her worthless? I think not. You are just as worthy and deserving as every other human on the planet. Don't listen to voices that tell you otherwise.

If you feel suicidal because of your Alopecia, you definately need to seek councelling.. Not tomorrow, but TODAY !!I
If you suffer from a depression, then you must seek help ASAP. Also try and get some emotional support from your family or friends, even a classmate or a co-worker. From someone you feel comfortable being around, and from someone you trust.

ALSO USE EVERYONE HERE at Alopecia World for your support. We all have the same condition,
and we know how and what it feels like..

Take care, and please get help !




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