Has anyone taken abatacept? A drug used for psoriasis and rheumatoid arthritis. There was an article in the "Fall 2011" NAAF newsletter about it and how they may test it for alopecia areata.

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ive been watching this trial too and waiting to see when they open for recruitment

Somewhere I read that participation was by invitation only. I think they pulled names from the national registry based on certain criteria. It's a stage 2 trial scheduled to be completed in June 2013. If successful, it moves to stage three which opens the research up to a broader participant group, monitors interaction with other meds, etc. If successful from there, it it goes to market. I am cautiously hopeful!

I was accepted into this trial and I'm looking forward to it. Weather has been preventing me from getting to the hospital, but I'm on track to participate. Between the hurricane and noreaster,what could possibly happen more weather wise? lol

How did you get accepted into the trial?

Dreamscometrue, it appears this trial was interrupted due to a "halt in funding" if I have interpreted the info on clinicaltrials.gov correctly. Can you share any info you have? Also, I hope you made it through the recent storms unscathed!

I was contacted by email by the national registry and was told my info was being forwarded to the hospital where I should call and make an appointment. I called to make an appointment early November then Sandy hit. What a mess! But yes the trial is still going on because I was most certainly contacted by both the national registry and the hospital in new York to make an appointment to come down.

Yay! I am glad to hear that! Good luck!! :-)





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