AA for 3-4 years, Partial AU for 1-2 years. I have 100% regrowth on my scalp(not 100% pigment yet), rest of my body regrowth is coming along.

Lets start with this, a photo before I even knew what Alopecia was.

Before AA

So mid year 2015 I noticed some patches of hair missing on my scalp.I just blamed my hardhat for it and never thought much of it. They progressively got worse until I had to shave my head in April, 2016.

April 2016


I went to a Dermatologist got a bunch of topical creams and told it was fine and was from stress. Essentially they don't know why it happens and have no reasoning, so they blame it on that. After that I did some digging and went on a PALEO diet for 12-14 months(zero alcohol consumption). A solid 10 months at 100% compliance.

October 2016


I also spent 4-5 sessions with a Naturopath, I added L-glutamine and probiotics to my diet. I had 80% regrowth of the hair I lost on my scalp. But the other 20% would not grow any hair and remained bald, so I still shaved my scalp.

December 2016


I never had AU at this time. I got discouraged and just went off the diet all together and resumed consuming alcohol. About 12-15 months later and no regrowth, numerous blood tests, trips to the dermatologist, and now more hair lost on my scalp I also lost all the hair on my arms/legs/majority chest/partially in my armpits.

January 2018


I spent alot of time learning about Leaky Gut. So in this day and age an ad popped up on my Facebook for a leaky gut video. I watched the 90 minute video. After that I bought the E-book(The Plant Paradox - Dr.Gundry) for $11 and read the 300-400 page book in a 3 days. I decided why not, the logic behind the science in the book made sense. It explained why i had 80% regrowth on my paleo diet, but not the 100% I so dearly wanted.

Day 1 Plant Paradox

Day 1 Plant Paradox

Day 1 Plant Paradox

Day 1 Plant Paradox

So i started the diet, 5 days in, I had regrowth on my scalp in the original spot that I lost hair and has had ZERO regrowth since that initial falling out phase, until now! About 14 days in I noticed my scalp is fully complete with hair, although not all the pigment is there. It will come in time as I learned on my first diet. My arms, legs,armpits, chest have started to have hair return to them. All white/peach fuzz in color. As of writing this I am on day 38! I have followed the diet 99%. I sometimes get a craving for honey. Which isnt allowed in the phase I am in. These are the most recent pictures. I wont post the ones of my arms/legs/armpits/chest.. because the peach fuzz is extremely hard to see in a picture and the light angle has to be good. BUT THEY ARE THERE AND GROWING, which I haven't had a single strand of hair grow on before this diet after they originally fell out.

Day 38 Plant Paradox

Day 38 Plant Paradox

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 Wow, great documentation! I agree with you that a healthy gut and lowering or eliminating inflammation is the key to hair regrowth. I  had hair regrowth after changing to a completely clean diet, adding probiotics and systemic enzymes. I have had AU since age 3. I am 59 years old now.  Unfortunately my regrowth is not enough to be socially acceptable so I still wear a wig but to have hair grow on my head in places that I never had hair was truly a miracle to me. I did read that statistically, if you have had AU for more than 20 years regrowth is not likely. 

 Thank you for sharing your story in such detail and also sharing photos. You will give many people true hope. 

Hey, yes I fully believe in it. This doctor has decades of success stories with healing your gut microbiome. It's extremely interesting and backed by decades of success stories. I am going to keep at it! I am currently coming off a social anxiety drug I've been on for 12 years. The withdrawal systems are tough but they will subside over time and having a good diet definitely helps! 

I am trying to wean off Xanax (anti-anxiety med). Besides going VERY slowly... my doctor added IV drips to help with the detox and withdrawal. I went from 4 mgs to 2 mgs with no problems. Not sure if this information is relevant to your challenge, but just in case it could help.... check out IV drips ( more than a Myers cocktail... more than Dr. Hitts formula); followed by a glutathione push at the end. Drip takes about 2 hours. My insurance pays for doctor visit, but not the IV drips... Hope this helps!

My withdrawals aren't bad. Just a slight headache. But I will definitely keep that in mind incase they get worse. Thanks!  I'm currently at 50% of my dose and going down to 25% next week. So once this is all done I'll be back on track. I reduce 25% per month, until at 0. What is your reduction schedule?

It was 25% every two months. The later weans are the most difficult as the % is now higher. The key for you might be 25% of your CURRENT  dose. Although your side effects of mild headache sound doable. SLOW wins this kind of race!

Ya, it all depends how you react from the reduction. I’m doing 25% of the original dose, not previous dose I just lowered down to.( This is what the doc said to do). How many mg was your original dose? 

Hows the regrowth coming along? on this thing and is it expensive?

The regrowth is coming along. It’s a slow process. Must be patient, I found great comfort in looking at pictures from people on xelijanz to know what to expect for a timeline on regrowth. More pigment is coming back each day. My arms and legs are getting lots of vellus hairs. I’d say about 2-3% pigment on my legs. The worst part for me currently is coming off an anxiety drug for me that I’ve been on long term. The withdrawal symptoms just flare up and go away. But in time that will be done as my body adjusts. It may seem expensive, but I spend less money now on food. I eat less and never feel hungry. I haven’t ate out in 100 days. Preparing is key, knowing what your next days have coming up and making the appropriate food before hand. 

the word lectin come from the latin word "legere" meaning to choose...The plant paradox is a paradox because the author forgot to mention that lectins do not effect everyone the same way because if he did he would be pointing to the better book on lectins Eat right for your Type by Peter D'adamo

you are most likely a type O blood type who thrive on paleo diets...it was the original paleo diet as the book was written over 20 years ago

The author makes it very clear that lectins effect everyone differently. Did you even read the book ? Judging by your statement, I’m going with no. I am not O blood type. I would also like to see your proof of this fact that different blood types thrive differently on similar foods. 

Thanks for sharing your experience. 

I have alopecia in my whole scalp for about 18 years. This Jan (2019), alopecia attacked my eye brows, with a bad rash on my eye brows (Which I have noticed is a sign of alopecia attacking that certain area of my body).  I quitted gluten and diary products after reading your experience with diet.  I noticed that the rash stopped, and the alopecia stopped its progress in my eye brows, and some tiny hair is growing back.

Not sure if other alopeciaian experienced such rash that getting stopped by quitting certain food?

You are welcome! Yes, my hairs came back just as you describe and are gaining pigment each week. Yes, unrelated to alopecia. I used to get a terrible red rash when I drank red wine, Caesar’s, or any other red containing drink. After being on this diet for a month I was able to drink the exact same bottle of wine that was causing my rash without having a rash outbreak. My pigment is coming back more and more each week. I have come off an antidepressant I was on for over 11 years. I will continue to document my progress 



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