I'm a 42 year old woman and I've had AA for the past 2 years. I've tried all the approved injections and potions with no success and terrible side effects. It started out as one small spot  but over a period of 2 weeks I had 7 more. They kept growing and meeting up with one another. They seemed to be having a happy party on my head, meanwhile I was depressed.

I kept annoying my dermatologist until he started doing some research. He found an article in the Journal of American Dermatology for an off label treatment. Hydroxychloroquine (brand name Plaquinil) was successfully used on 2 Alopicia, I believe universal, patients. So I gave it a try.  150 MG once per day. IT WORKED! It is by no means a cure. About one month after stopping treatment my hair started evacuating my head. So I'm back on it.The only side effect I experience is a rash but it's tolerable.

I admit it, I'm vain. I wish I wasn't but I want my hair. I try to convince myself that It's just hair and it could be much worse, but I am not that evolved yet.

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Hi Aimee!  The study reported on 2 patients that had been on the med for 8 months, further follow up was not available.  As I said, about a month with out the meds, my hair began falling out again.  I started taking it again and am happy so far.  My doctor has done more research and found Chloroquine PH 250 MG, 1/2 tab per day might not cause the rash that I get from Plaquinil.  We, as patients, need to speak up and be heard.  Just because I don't have a PHD doesn't mean I'm not going to ask questions and encourage my provider to think.  Medicine is a practice and some MD's don't have the time or willingness to think outside of the standards of care.  Your body, your health, your voice.

I've been on Hydroxychloroquine for over two months now. First month 200mg a day

How is it going for you?

It's going good.  My only side effect is a mild rash.  I will take that over being bald.

Any regrowth yet?  I had "fuzz" at the one month mark.

Did you have any luck with the Hydroxychloroquine?

Cheap Propecia without a prescription - http://оnlinecheappills.com/catalog/Hair_Loss/Propecia.htm I had heard of Proecia pills for hair loss but had never tried them until I saw that I was losing too much hair. I spent several months following the treatment and quickly saw the results I wanted: strong hair and less hair loss. I highly recommend Propecia.

I'm a 49 year old and Was diagnosed with alopcia aereata by a a dermatologist 15 years ago. Recently when I lost some eyelashes, I tried a treatment that was suggested by my obgyn when I was having miscarriages and I tested positive for a antinuclear antibody. He said that trying a low dose aspirin could possibly thin my blood and make my antibodies less concentrated. It was worth a try and eight months later my daughter who is now 16 was born.
So, 3 months after being treated for high cholesterol and high triglycerides for about a year, I asked my doctor about the low dose aspirin. She said that it couldn't hurt my health so why not.
4 months ago, I started taking the baby aspirin everyday. My eyelashes quickly came back. My eyebrows are still gone but my receding hairline is disappearing with the help of men's rogaine.
I still have yet to buy a wig but I know that will I never have a normal head of hair but my husband likes me better when I'm not depressed. I'm even becoming an optimist. :)

Wow that's amazing about the baby asprin, I just started taking it myself, but have not noticed it effecting my AA. I will keep a look out though for possitive effects. My first thought is that it could be the anti-inflamatory effects of the asprin, but who knows?? they say Asprin is a wonder drug. Keep up the optimitic attitude.

Glad to hear!!!!  I had an allergy to Rogaine.  I am in fantastic health aside from AA.  It can't hurt to try baby or low dose aspirin!

Thank you for posting, I'm happy for you that you are having good results, and only mild side effects, I'm so freaked out by the side effects of this and other drugs like it that I'm too afraid to try it. I'm excited by the research that is ongoing with Plaquinil and the Zeljens (spell?) that is going on. Really hoping that they come up with a topical application for many of these drugs, so that side effects are minimal. Good luck and please keep us informed on your progress :)

Yale University is working on a permanent cure for alopecia, for those of you who don't already know about this.. Go ahead and read the article right here..




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