Hey you guys! So I'm a 17 year old girl who just graduated high school. I was diagnosed with areata my sophomore year and wore wigs when all my hair fell out. I was devastated and never thought this was something I could share with anyone. Only a few people knew, and I never allowed my parents to even bring it up because I would just cry. Something happened - maybe I was tired of how trapped I felt underneath my wig, or was just done holding myself back. But I decided to post a picture of my hair when it was all gone. Like, completely bald. I was so scared, because this was a part of my life that I had guarded so heavily for almost 2 years. However, the amount of love and outpouring of kindness I received was amazing. I didn't do it for the comments or for the likes, I did it because I just wanted to show everyone the real me, once and for all. It was sooo incredibly freeing. I guess I had an image in my head of what might happen if I showed people the real me - no one would love me, I'd be vulnerable, people would make fun of me - but once those colossal beliefs were shattered, I was free. Now I wish I did it earlier so I could walk the halls without my wig. I know - crazy, right? It's amazing what happens when you open yourself up. Also, for parents, mine were very encouraging and followed my lead. I didn't even tell them I was going to post the picture, but they were so pleased when I did. It opened up conversation and they never pushed me to do anything I wasn't comfortable doing on my own. I'd encourage you all to do something crazy - stop holding yourself back! Shatter your colossal belief and see how the world opens up around you. Sending love :)

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Thank you very much for sharing this!  I am 43 and wish I was a brave as you at 17!  Good for you, you will go far in life.

Awesome, thank you for sharing! My 13 yr old wears a hat, I let him do what's comfortable but I LOVE when he takes it off.  Thanks for letting me know as a parent to follow his lead.

What a wnderful post! Thank tou.
Thank you for sharing! I love hearing positive stories and I'm glad you have such wonderful confidence.
It's good to have a site like this for the younger or new people experiencing alopecia. I understand how devastating it could be. I walked around for two years till i decided to wear my first wig of human hair. Going through this it's good I had a father who was living and supported me since he was somewhat bald. My mother didn't know how to make me feel good. She thought she could buy me things to make me feel good. I told her I don't appreciate it that way but just accept this situation and support me too. Going thru this and life has made me stronger in ways one never knew
One can stay positive as you take on the world for those who can be mean and inconsiderate. To have love in yourself keeps me strong.
Who can stand-against fafe

Feel well!

Thanks for sharing that amazing rediscovery of yourself! You go girl! You are an inspiration! I lost all my hair just about a year ago, I'm fifty two and I'm also in a good place. Not sure if I'd be as brave as you at seventeen but you will help many young kids with alopecia for sure! I hope your positive vibes and self confidence continue to sustain your journey!

Thanks so much for sharing!  That is awesome!  Life gets better every time we discover that we've been holding ourselves back in some way and are willing to take that scary step forward to let go!  Great job!!!

Who can stand-against fafe
Shannon my problem is Alopecia 7 years all hospital medcin use but no response I am saudi working now medcin use but no response all hair remove face and head all body
Awesome!!! It makes ALL the difference in the world.... it took me going to a NAAF conference, and upon returning, to spread awareness of alopecia, I decided to do an article in the newspaper in my home town. They took a picture with my hair on and bald (I have AU) I was a nervous wreck thinking all sorts of thoughts. Once it came out, I almost didn't want to leave my house, but knew I had to live, go about my normal business. I received all kinds of positive responses and encouragement. It was the best thing I could have done. No regrets! God bless you.
Who can stand-against fafe





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