I am so happy to have found this community. 5 months ago a client noticed a small bald spot on my head. After that, having never suffered from hair loss, my hair was falling out at a scary rate. I would fill the sink brushing my hair before a shower, and still clog the drain. A week later after seeing the doctor confirmed that it was Alopecia Areata and after the thinning continued, comb overs didn't work and I was sick of hats my friend and boyfriend helped me to shave my head.

That was in May. It is now October and while the hair on the top of my head has grown back, the sides and back of my head have not returned. There is some stubble, but it looks, when the hair grows in, like I have a leopard sitting on my head.

I usually walk around with my bald head, but occassionally I put on a funky wig. I hate them.

Reading the stories about people who have dealt with this for many years, or the young children that are resilient makes me feel like I am not alone.

So here is my question. My doctor cannot figure out why some of the hair has come back and the other has not, not to mention the bit that has is blond - the rest of my hair is dark brown.

Has anyone else had this happen? How long does regrowth usually take? Do some people never have the hair grown in? I am just confused because my experience does not seem to match up with the research.



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Hi, I have had AA for 10 years, and until this last year or so, felt I could hide it pretty well, just shaved my head a couple of month ago myself. My loss had always been mainly the back about half way up and the sides, I retained the top part, over the last several years I began to get spots on the upper part too, that's why I finally gave up and buzzed the bit that was left. At first when my hair would grow back it would sometimes start out lighter but would come in normal colored, after losing and regrowing the backs and sides many times, it finally came in white, and stayed that way, Now that I've buzzed it off, I can see that I still have some on the upper areas coming back as dark hair, but a few of the spots, mainly where I've lost before are coming in with the white hairs. These white hairs will not take hair dye, so I could never color them to match my other hair, they are weird, and frankly I don't know what they mean, my theory is that the hair follicle gets attacked over and over, until this damaged white hair is all that will grow, they are not gray hairs either, just white, it's almost like the follicle is trying really hard to produce a hair or something, I know it must have some significance, but I can't find a real answer for them, when I've looked at the research myself, they often mention the hair coming in white, but changing to the natural color. mine don't. wish I knew too. but now you know your not alone, and welcome to AW


What you read here is spot on...everyone's story is different and no one can predict what will happen. In August of 2011 I found my first spot in my thick and wavy hair. By this January I needed a wig. By March I became totally skin bald...not buzz cut bald. I have now gotten eyebrow tats (LOVE THEM!!!) and liner on the lids (they are gone, but permanent liner fools everyone). I doubt I will ever see hair again, but I decided to rock a few wigs and they are comfortable, cute and easy ....and....inexpensive at 100 dollars each (I used to spend 50 dollars a month at my beautician which, with hair care products added up to about 700 dollars a year). I now spend NO time getting ready to go out. But I will always want my own hair. You will have your own story and find help and peace here. Blessings.

Hi same here, some dark shadows here and there, and then bare patches, and some white wispy sections. It does not fill in in the bare sections so I just keep it shaved smooth, sometimes I let it go for a month or two to see what will come of it.....secretly praying grow all over ....and it is barely nothing. So shaved it gets again. LOL every now and then I think I wonder if it will come in? then no it reminds me no lady it is not..... I wear wigs, I have never gone out bald, only at home with my family when I have headaches. I wish you well. :)

My grand daughter is 3 and lost all of her hair when she was 18 months.I heard tonight that they can give you a shot to regrow hair,do any of you know about that shot?I do not think this is the shot to the scalp.

Hi, no idea what shot other than the painful shots into the scalp. I know I suffered and cannot imagine a child going thru it. Let us know when you find out what it is.

My grand daughter had some regrowth but only to fall out again.she is getting hair on her ears and eyebrows,but it is really white.I have stopped any treatment.



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