My 17 year old daughter was diagnosed with Alopecia Areata. Her first experience with an off-the-shelf wig was terrible - it hurt her scalp and she refused to wear it after a few hours. That set me back $400. We went to another custom wig maker here in Melbourne and for a lace wig with natural hair, the price quoted was A$3500.

For this price they have a strictly 'No returns policy' if you're not happy and just a 3 month warranty. Then they also mentioned that we'd have to get the wig dry-cleaned+reconditioned every 2 months for another $89.5. That is such a rip off price, unfortunately getting ripped off appears to be the norm here in Australia.

Could anyone please help me and provide me with some alternative options of getting a custom wig made in the US and then having it shipped to me? And typically how much can I expect to pay for a custom made wig? Thank you so much.

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I buy them off eBay. They come from china. So far it's been great. Lol. Except the first one I was so new to buying wigs I accidentally bought the wrong texture for what my natural hair was like. I had gotten yaki straight instead of silky straight. It doesn't come styled or cut, So i had it cut by a friend who is a beautician, while wearing it, so it's cut specifically to you. In my opinion precut wigs don't always fit my face so I always feel like it looks unnatural. Unfortuanately the cap size is a generic medium, they give you the measurements (it has a little stretch to it), and my head size is probably a small. Some sellers can do custom order or let you request a size if you need too. I order there because for human hair and a price of 300 or more depending on length I can't do, especially when I prefer long hair. I hope this helps.

I love your hair! I'm also asian, too - if you wouldn't mind, can you share where you get your wigs with me? I sent you a friend request :) 

Where do you get wigs at such a price?

Definitely try Freedom. I made the mistake of buying synthetic off the shelf wigs at $400 each. They looked fibe the first week, but slowly started to look more and more farse as the weeks went by even after washing them. They were tightened to 'fit me' but bulged up the top, and the net caps itched and moved. I then found Freedom, and discovered how much better they are for someone with permanent hairloss. They may cost a lot and take a little while, but well worth the wait. No tape or clips needed at all. Synthetics are fine as a temporary thing but definitely not if you're going to need them for a long time? Google search Anna Fitzpatrick, she's a gorgeous model who wears Freedom wigs. :)

Hi Melbournite!

You don't have to look for a custom wig in the US since there are lots of companies that offer the same service here in Australia. In that way, you will save more in shipping! My sister who has alopecia got her custom wig from Chiquel and she was very pleased by it, because aside from turning out to be just like what she wanted, it also fit into her budget. They will ask you  if you want a silk crown or french lace, then you will choose the base design for it. You can check out for more details. I hope you will be able to find the best one for your daughter!

What's the average price for a human hair wig from Freedom? 

Hi Lilac

Go to and contact the Independent Agent that lives closest to you, she will be able to talk with you and work out what your needs are and what freedom hair will be the best help for you.  Cost is usually dependent on length with Freedom Wigs.


Check out my blog, for product reviews on wigs, etc. I am just starting out but I have 14 years experience (alopecia since 11 years old) in wig wear... Message me if you need more help! 

The price will vary depending on the type of hair, color, and length. Materials will also play a part in the pricing. The higher the quality, the more expensive. When being quoted on "human hair" be sure to ask what type of process the hair had been through. Most companies are using extremely low quality. I would love to answer any other questions!

Hi, looking for the same kind of wig as well but I'm confused is Peggy Knight, Follea and Freedom Wigs the same company? And what's the difference between these and Gemtress? Thanks in advance ladies!

Hi April

Follea and Peggy Knight are affiliated. The same company, just marketed in a different way.  

Freedom Wigs is NOT affilitated with either. Freedom Wigs is a totally Independent manufacturer (in New Zealand) who works with there own specialised Freedom Independent Agents worldwide. Freedom wigs are a Vacuum prosthesis which is fully customised for each individual, the fit is achieved in most instances by using the latest technology (medically scanning), the hair on a Freedom wig is 100% unprocessed virgin human hair, the cap of a Freedom Wig is vapour permeable so when you perspire it passes through the cap keeping you  comfortable, clean and dry.  If you would like to know more about a Freedom Wig feel free to ask me any questions or give one of the Freedom Independent Agents a call.

I'm not sure what the Gemtress wig offers.  Do your homework and talk to those that understand your needs and can help. 

Good luck with everything.




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