My 17 year old daughter was diagnosed with Alopecia Areata. Her first experience with an off-the-shelf wig was terrible - it hurt her scalp and she refused to wear it after a few hours. That set me back $400. We went to another custom wig maker here in Melbourne and for a lace wig with natural hair, the price quoted was A$3500.

For this price they have a strictly 'No returns policy' if you're not happy and just a 3 month warranty. Then they also mentioned that we'd have to get the wig dry-cleaned+reconditioned every 2 months for another $89.5. That is such a rip off price, unfortunately getting ripped off appears to be the norm here in Australia.

Could anyone please help me and provide me with some alternative options of getting a custom wig made in the US and then having it shipped to me? And typically how much can I expect to pay for a custom made wig? Thank you so much.

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Since you live in Australia, you may want to contact Freedom Wigs of New Zealand. I've worn their vacuum wigs for many years & absolutely love them. Yes, they are expensive, but no 'dry cleaning' needed since they only use non-processed European hair that is 'implanted' into the natural looking silicone scalp that grips to the head - just use quality shampoo & conditioner. Dry cleaning is usually needed for hand-tied (knotted) mesh/lace wigs (I know as I had one 30 yrs ago. There is no discomfort wearing these vacuum wigs - no itching etc.
Good luck,
Rose K.

Thanks Rose! Are freedom wigs as light as the mesh/lace wigs. Did you find any difference in terms of comfort? Also, could you give me an indication of their prices? (will also look online and check if they've published their prices)

Hi, I order from a chinese site for my daughter. The cost is about $500. She tapes them on, wears them for a couple of days and then washes them herself. She is away at college and this works for her.

Contact Rose Marie. She is in New Zealand. She is very knowledgeable and her daughter also has alopecia and her wigs are absolutely gorgeous. Your daughter would be so so happy. I know they aren't cheap, but maybe worth giving the a try. She is in Aukland, find some of her posts and view her profile page.

Thank you all so much for the information. I will look at them immediately. At the moment my daughter is able to hide the patches with the medication. But I am worried of the day that it spreads more and she suddenly finds she is unable to cover them :-(

I know AA is very unpredictable, but there is always hope. I am just praying that she starts regrowing her hair soon. :(

Hello Melbournite

I missed this thread but am happy to help with any information you may need to know about a Freedom Wig. As Lexi has said my daughter has been wearing Freedom for the last 10 years. If you feel this option may be something you would like to know about please pop in to my page and ask as many questions as you need to.



I would suggest looking online. Chinese websites offer human hair wigs that can be made custom. They're also pretty cheap so they won't be too much of a hassle to replace. Not to mention you can wash the wigs yourself, style them as you wish, and cut and color.

try looking at I haven't ordered from them yet, but am planning to. Someone on this website actually recommended me them.

Hope you and your daughter find out something soon.

I buy regularly from Friend me and contact me if you want help. I've had good experiences with them, but others have not....I think it depends on what color, density, texture, cap, and type of hair you order...not to mention how well you measure. I've pretty much tried them all, and I have to say that the only times I was disappointed were my own fault for ordering the wrong thing...through trial and error.

I sent you a request Lori. I have been looking on their website. I just don't know where to begin with ordering =[
Thank you for your help <3

I live in the US and I have just ordered a Freedom wig. I feel, like you, that the wig industry is a full of people who love to charge for you because your options are somewhat limited. I have been "ripped off" on several occasions and decided to really understand the wig making industry. From what I can tell most of the lace manufacturers get their wigs from China and if you are wanting to wear lace, I would work with a company that makes lace wigs until you get one you like and then consider working with one of the companies listed on this site. You will spend less in the long run.\

I decided to go with a freedom wig because I have tried most everything else and after studying the types of hair available, their non processed hair does seem like it could last a long time. I may find it how because I live in Texas, but the fact that I don't have it glued to my head and I can take it off for working out etc. is appealing to me.

Another company that I buy from is Gemstress and I use the tourmaline which is part mesh/lace and part poly. It has been a decent wig and stays on one's head pretty good. I buy them online.

Hi all - I too ordered a Freedom wig, and it is the greatest thing that has happened to me since this whole AU nightmare began. I bought several other wigs which were too itchy to tolerate, and never felt ok in them. Plus in my windy state, they would even blow off! (not fun) This Freedom wig was so worth the money - it looks totally real, no one can tell, even up close that it is a hairpiece. It is soft, comfortable and doesn't come off. I love it so much. I highly recommend them! Good luck



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