I just returned from a two week backpacking/hiking/camping trip in Wyoming through the National Outdoor Leadership School. I went without my wig the whole time in front of 14 strangers (now friends) and even went out in Lander, WY without my wig and flew home without my wig today.

I'm curious to learn how other women have decided to make the move from wearing a wig most of the time to a wig-free life and what obstacles, if any, you encountered in the process. I am a lawyer for an international corporation so I may not be able to go without my wig in a professional environment but I'd love your thoughts on this as well...

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Yes, but do your wigs do anything about the problem of body heat being trapped against the scalp? I tried short, very lightweight wigs, both human and synthetic. If the room was warm, or I was outdoors and it was warm, or I was the least bit physically active, OR I got a hot flash....it was just too uncomfortable (at least to me) to have my scalp covered with what is essentially a close-fitting hat made of hair or plastic! When someone invents a wig that is as cool as my bio hair was, that allows air to reach the scalp while wearing it....I may start wearing a wig. Until then, bald and comfortable.
Full swiss-lace wigs really are as cool as my own hair was!
They definitely let air through and are so soft and cozy : )



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