I just returned from a two week backpacking/hiking/camping trip in Wyoming through the National Outdoor Leadership School. I went without my wig the whole time in front of 14 strangers (now friends) and even went out in Lander, WY without my wig and flew home without my wig today.

I'm curious to learn how other women have decided to make the move from wearing a wig most of the time to a wig-free life and what obstacles, if any, you encountered in the process. I am a lawyer for an international corporation so I may not be able to go without my wig in a professional environment but I'd love your thoughts on this as well...

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Good for you, Maidie. This is so awesome!! I'm so happy for you. :o)
maidie you are just very feminine and brave *
Good for you Maidie. I have been going wig free & bandana free for almost 2 months. I was fed up with hiding under them. It took me 4 years to get to this point, but I now walk publicly with my bald head held high! How did I do it? I let go of my EGO! I want to start a movement for people to change the way they see and not the way they look.
And to any company or person who feels a woman has to have a full head of hair to go out into public, please feel free to walk a day in our shoes.
Go Maidie!! You are awesome for doing this. I always used to go without my wig only when I was going to places out of town where I knew I wouldn't see anyone, and that, and a combination of going to conference & loving going bald there that made me to be a fulltime baldie. =) I just got fed up with hair, its not for me. I'm starting college, and I go wigless, I wear cute scarves & stuff to girly myself up, but its still quite obvious I'm bald. For me, it is better this way. There's no difficulty with having to "come out" about wearing a wig, when they see me, they see I don't have hair, & if they like me, its knowing I don't have hair, end of story!
Hi Maidi, check out my two blogs, "Independence Day" and "Bald is Bliss", I went completely bald about three weeks ago and I'm loving it! I work for the federal govt. and I am also a member of a national committee with posters all over the country. I've "COME OUT", so to speak and it's been all good. I've had a few off colored comments, but nothing to send me running for "cover" (smile).
I always wear a wig in public and I`m not prepared to go wig free.Who knows maybe one day.... but it is very difficult.I live in a tiny country called Malta.Everyone knows practically everyone and there is a lot of ignorance on the subject of AA. Presently I don`t feel like sticking out like a sore thumb the more I blend in the better, however I really admire people like you who have had the courage to bare it all :)
Check out my video on YouTube for my feelings about wearing a wig and going bald:

If the link doesn't work, search for "Alternatives to wearing a wig" and "alopecia".

As you can see, I believe strongly that women should go bald the same way men do. If I were still working as a professional (I was a lawyer), I would wear a wig at work. Now, I wear one when I want to "dress up" or go to someplace special IF it's air-conditioned. I shaved my head in January, and I've been going bald in public places regularly for about a month: department stores, health club, swimming pool, grocery store, friend's houses.....No one has dropped anything or screamed. I hold my head up and smile, and sometimes get compliments on how I look. Yes, I do get asked all the time if I have cancer. One man wanted to talk about his wife who died of cancer even after he knew that I don't have it. It just meant something to him because of how I look. It doesn't bother me. As I said in the video, if more women with hair loss went bald, maybe people wouldn't assume we're sick. Go for it!
The dicision for me was immediate. I will wear a wig for events (such as weddings) if asked, or the first day of school if asked, but only for my family. I will not be discriminated against for the fact that I am a bald woman.
Yes! As I just posted to another discussion, why should women wear a hot, tight cap made of hair or plastic (aka, a wig) when it's warm or we're exercising, when men would never think of doing so. Can you imagine a man wearing a full-head wig while playing tennis or jogging? As I said in my video - why be uncomfortable? Of course, if for a woman, emotional discomfort at being bald outweighs the physical discomfort of heat and itching, then that's their choice. For me, also, the decision was pretty quick. My new motto is: "Life is too short to wear a wig".
Thanks for the encouragement... it is a great motto too. Think Il'l always wear a wig professionally but I am going to try to go without it more when I am not at work.
Everyone - check out this article that just appeared (I don't know how long it will be online) in MarketWatch:


I think you are amazing! It takes a lot to do what you did! I hope one day Im as brave!

Until recently I never left home with out my wig. I just felt so much better with it. I guess I just felt normal. But since June I decided to let my hair grow just to see exactly how much hair I have on my head (ive been shaving my head 7 years now) its very thin but Ive been wearing a bandana everywhere! I havent went bald yet.. that will take some time.. its was very nerve wrecking for me but im getting use to not wearing the wig!!! soooo much more comfy! Im hoping one day ill get passed the bandana thing and just go out wearing nothing on my head but what God left.. ;o)
have a great day



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