My mom was inspecting my bald spots and found some white hairs growing... they are about a 1/2 inch long and when pulled gently, DON'T fall out (yay)!

Do these hairs eventually turn to a normal color or are they prone to falling out? Has anyone experienced this before?

Thanks so much!

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I've heard about this before and although I haven't had any "white" hairs growing, I have had a peach fuzz type growth. If your hair is actually white and not just fuzz it may turn to a normal colour but during the resting phase it is possible something happened to whatever creates the pigment. It is also possible your hair has natually turned that colour, some people have been known to turn gray at very young ages. As for being prone to falling out, you have alopecia. Even if all of your hair did come in healthy - no matter the colour - there is always a chance your hair will fall out again.
I have a little tiny patch of white fuzz in one of my bald spots. :) Cute, huh? I have heard from others on this site that at first your hair may grow in white and then darken later on. Sometimes it grows back white and stays white though, I think.
They come in with white hairs and eventually turn your normal color.
Hey Christine,
I have exactly the same only now the white hairs are about 5 to 6 inches long. They do not completely cover my bald areas and there are still none at the back of my head but plenty on two of my bald areas.
The other day I was inspecting them (as you do!!) and I noticed that the root of the hairs was dark!!! so I am very very happy- if the hair on these patches could grow back it would make life alot easier!!! I will say that I have these white hairs about six months so it has taken that long to go dark...anyhoo any sign of life is good eh!!
My experience with white hair wasn't that great sorry. I had a head full of white fuzzy hair, but it stopped growing and fell out again quite fast. But as we know, everyones hair experiences with alopecia is so different.
I have growth all over my head, however parts of it grows in dark and parts white...I never really have found that the white hairs grow is more I find a new partch of dark hair where they were once growing in white..I would say my hair is 2/3 white rest dark. I just started wearing a vacuum wig and I have to shave my head everyday to wear I don't think I will get a chance to really see if all will turn dark..I more judge by the patches..when I shave my head you can just tell where it grows in dark. I don't go out without my wig, something I have never done.
I've had the white fuzzy stuff come in on the sides of my head, but I keep shaving it... I don't think I can pull off a fuzzy gray "Male Pattern Baldness" afro. Not my kind of sexy... LMAO :)
Yeah I have the white stuff too. It gets to be several inches long in some areas but it's very umm I think the word is sparotic? Here's a hair there's a hair type deal. However my eyelashes and eyebrows and other areas have regrowth fully of white thin hairs. ?? Wierd huh? My whole head is covered in fuzz, but there are the few long growing white hairs, I just let them do their thing.
I hear ya Char... I let them all go wild too.. :)
Thanks for all the comments everybody!
Is that what it is then? I've got white fuzz on my head as well. Some are black. They've been like that for a while. I wonder if they'll change into real normal hair? That would be awesome!
Hey I dye my hair all the time!!! (too much grey!! lol) and the white hairs never take the color. Strange...they seem much thinner and frailer than my own hair.



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