"If Your Hair Falls Out, Keep Dancing!" My new book is available now!

Hooray! I'm excited! To order advance copies, go to:


After dealing with alopecia areata for more than thirty years, LeslieAnn Butler, award-winning artist, writer and former photographic fashion and runway model, has written a book for women and children who suffer with this auto-immune disorder. “Beauty is not what’s on your head. It’s what’s in your heart.” This is the single most important idea that fills this book with practical advice and powerful optimism.

Illustrated with twenty-three of LeslieAnn's paintings, If Your Hair Falls Out, Keep Dancing! is actually an art book filled with tips on how to discuss alopecia areata with family and friends, available treatments, doctors, makeup, wigs, and perhaps most important, attitude. Written with warmth and humor, If Your Hair Falls Out, Keep Dancing! helps women realize that they can enjoy and celebrate life with alopecia areata and go after their dreams knowing they're not alone.

The cover illustration of the book is entitled Bald Boogie, which LeslieAnn painted as a gift to the National Alopecia Areata Foundation and resides at their headquarters in San Rafael, California. She has released 24” x 32” prints of Bald Boogie which are available on the NAAF website (naaf.org) for a minimum $100 donation to NAAF. A percentage of the sales of If Your Hair Falls Out, Keep Dancing! will also be donated by the author to NAAF.

The book launches in August 2008; however, interested consumers may go to www.leslieannbutler.npauthors.com to order advance copies of If Your Hair Falls Out, Keep Dancing! (ISBN 1-933449-58-6 $29.95, 116 PAGES full color, trade paper.) The book will also be available online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Borders, and the NAAF marketplace. Also it will be available for order through wholesalers Ingram and Baker & Taylor as well as directly from the publisher, Nightengale Press.


…a much needed text on dealing with emotional and cosmetic aspects of hair loss, whether from alopecia areata or chemotherapy. It details where to find and how to use products for compensating with this loss. It is written in the same bold and bright style that characterizes LeslieAnn’s illustrations.
—Janet Roberts, M.D., Portland, OR

A great read. It’s like “Sex and the City meets alopecia areata!” —Ann Wall Frank, Author

Many of my patients lose their hair from chemotherapy. This book will be as valuable a resource for them as it is for those with other conditions. The author touches with sensitivity and humor on the grief and self image issues that women face with hair loss—and her own triumphs create a positive path for others to deal with these issues. Its full of advice that cannot be found anywhere else but in the hands of someone who has been down this road. The paintings make this a literal work of art and add immeasurably to the book. Extraordinary.
—Joanna M. Cain, M.D., Oregon Health and Sciences University, Portland OR

This book is helpful, hopeful, funny and fabulous. It’s full of practical advice about wigs, intimate encounters, the inappropriate questions from strangers, and other issues you face when every day is a bad hair day. Women with alopecia, LeslieAnn Butler is your new best friend! —Margie Boulé, Columnist,The Oregonian

…warm, engaging and sometimes downright hilarious, LeslieAnn offers advice to women dealing with a devastating condition. A must-have for anyone diagnosed with alopecia areata!
—MaryJane Horton, Horton & Gregory Associates Literary Agency, Los Angeles, CA

Being a parent with a daughter who has alopecia areata, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. It provides as information-rich, practical, indispensable and entertaining “how to” guide for women and girls affected by this condition. I can’t wait
for my daughter to read it, too. —Manuel F. Casanova, M.D., Psychiatry, Louisville, KY

After years of hair loss, LeslieAnn has made herself transparent for those of us dealing with similar issues. She has put herself under the microscope to make our walk easier. Thank you Leslie Ann, for your help, your caring and your self exposure.
—Amber Humphrey, Amber’s Anointed Touch Hair Replacement, Inc.

…an essential read, whether you’ve lost hair, or care about someone who has. Leave it to Leslie Ann to bring humor and glamour to a difficult topic. She is a living testament that the lack of flowing locks is no reason not to live your most glamorous and joyful life. Be inspired and uplifted by this remarkable woman’s personal journey.
—Nita Lina Howard, author, “A Woman’s Journey is Her Legacy”

LeslieAnn Butler takes us on a journey through all aspects of a life-altering condition, imparting her knowledge, advice, humor, and most important, attitude. Everything about this fabulous book, from the illustrations to the anecdotes and quotes, is aimed at helping women and girls not just cope, but thrive.
—Julie K. Gottlieb, owner, Gottlieb Gallery, Portland, OR

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I just got this from a reader and wantd to share it:
"Please let me know when you have the book signing party, I would love to have you sign my copy (or copies). I received mine earlier this week, and read it in one night! (I am a fast reader). I really enjoyed your book. The part where the girl was in a car accident, her wig flew off into her lap, and her boyfriend thought it was a rat made me laugh so much. I could just picture something like that happening to me!
It was also very nice that you had the section for children, and for people who have lost their hair due to chemotherapy. Those are important elements to address. It is never easy to lose one's hair, no matter what the reason. Plus, sometimes a women's hair after chemo is not as abundant as it was before, and you gave lots of ideas for how to augment thin or patchy hair. Thank you so much for writing this book!!! Great job.
In short format.....bought your book, read it, loved it!!!! (;
Hope, I'm so glad you enjoyed the book!
Big hugs to you!
Leslie Ann
In short format.....bought your book, read it, loved it!!!! (;
OMG! It's so ironic that I got your comment tonight. I'd just gotten out of the shower and washed the little hair I has left on my head. Just from reading your profile I started crying. I've been living with alopecia for 2 years now! I'm going to download your book to my nook! Thanks for the greeting!
Sweetie, I'm so glad you are getting the book. I think it will make you feel better. Let me know how you like it, okay?



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