You know as I sit and think of ways to spread the word about this condition that affects the lives of many more people that are on this website. We should have a documentary but more real life. People watch reality shows about everything and people tune in week after week to see how people cope with real life. Do you think that the world would better understand us if there was a show that deals with the ups and downs of Alopecia. Would anyone be bold to allow someone into their lives? To see the bad days and the good days. To understand the stress of treatment and the lack of funds? What do you all think?

i think this would be especially good for the kids

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Good idea!!! :-D
I like that idea. It is a good way of presenting the condition to the world. It will give the opportunity to other alopecian to know they are no alone.
I was in the process of doing a Documentary but because I did not want to just put anything out there and the Budget was low I came back down to earth and I'm going another route which is actually working out better. Now a tv show could be something... you just have to MOVE on this.

Would you be interested in being in my book...sharing your story? I still need 12 women and 3-4 children who will be willing to help raise AWARENESS, EDUCATE and INSPIRE!!!!! or send me a message via the web site

Sure I would love to be in your book. I am trying to think of a way to get some backing on this. I am going to work on sending some letters in to some people and see if i can get a response.

My daughter might she is a little nervous but I think it would be a good experience for her. My email address is if you need to get in touch with me.

Love the idea of a documentary! I think it would definitly raise awareness. Even though I think my close family and friends are supportive I don't think they will ever "get it". I think everyone could benefit from a documentary. It would show just how much we go through every day. And there are ways people "deal with it". Some people are just going out there as they are and they face different interactions than someone like me who wears a wig out in public and even a beanie in front of my step kids and other family. The only ones to see me commando are my two biological children and my husband.
Hi Julie --

I'm like you, I deal with my AU by wearing a wig in public but I am okay with my husband and children seeing me "commando" (LOL!). I'm also okay with my parents, sister and her husband seeing me without the wig. I used to beat myself up about my lack of courage or my lack of acceptance or whatever I thought I should have but didn't. I would constantly admonish myself for not being as brave as others with this condition. Today -- thanks to supportive folks like everyone here -- I recognize my strengths as well as my weaknesses.

Julia and Trina -- I fully support your efforts to get alopecia more fully recognized. This condition has been so well hidden for so long, it's time to get it better understood. I think NAAF has been around for about twenty years but even today most people don't know what alopecia is. Or if they know what it is, they know it only as a medical condition. It needs to be explained as something that profoundly affects real people and impacts our lives in ways that others don't readily understand. A book, a documentary or even incorporating someone with alopecia into a reality TV show would gain us a lot of exposure. And, really, I think it's a fascinating subject! How people grow and overcome difficulties is a subject that everyone can relate to on some level.
This is a wonderful idea and there are so many ways to implement it!
Yes, I think it would be good...As long as the network does not script the show into something that is not the real life of a person living with alopecia. Reality TV is so scripted now; you don't know what true reality is and what was written in sometimes. I would be willing to do a show...start writing a story line of how you would like to see it and send it in to some of the stations like MTV and VH1... And keep sending it after the first no, and the second or third. See what happens, all they can do is say yes or no. But, it will be information that is given about Alopecia and spreading of awareness. Someone will have to see it and like the idea sooner or later.
I think this is a wonderful idea and it would put some brave effort to get it together. I couldn’t even begin to understand what it would take to do this. But I would be willing to share what I have and what my journey was and is. So please keep us in touch so we know what the next steps are.


I think that sounds a wonderful idea and believe if it was handled well it could be so helpful for all dealing with this condition. (I don't particularly like sensational reporting I feel the truth of a situation is often far more compelling). So, I would hope the person who does this has some control over what is sent out to the public.



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