Did anyone's scalp hurt when their hair was falling out? The spots where my hair was falling out always hurt.

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HI there, I don't remenber experiencing any pain with it.
I get itchy when my hair is falling out. especially my eyebrows and lashes.

I was tender-headed before my hair fell out, and I'm tender headed to this day -- even when I have full regrowth, it hurts for me to even brush my hair, so much so that I'm glad that what hair comes in is very fine yet curly; that way I can take a HUGE wide-tooth comb and comb it through in the shower. My scalp is so sensitive that I won't let ANYONE touch my head -- family, friends, intimate partners, you name it!

Interestingly enough, when my eyelashes fall out, my eyelids are sensitive too and when I went for my most recent eye exam my ophthalmologist noticed extreme irritation on my lash line and asked me about it. When I told him about my alopecia, he noted it on my medical record and made sure to send it to the doctors at MD Anderson who are working on the Alopecia Registry to include in their research. However, on my arms, underarms, and legs where I have alopecia patches they are NOT sensitive at all!

I'm glad to know I'm not the only one that notices pain, inflammation, and sensitivity too!
I have only had pain, tenderness, sensitivity on my scalp when the hair is falling out. I have no hair on my arms or legs and felt no pain when that fell out. My eyebrows are mostly back, but they didn't hurt either back when I lost them. When my scalp starts getting tender, that's one of the ways I know I am having another bout with alopecia. So strange!!! I'm sorry you have that pain all the time.
I think that it's very interesting that we notice this extreme sensitivity as a trigger when our alopecia is becoming active again. I also notice this tenderness when my hair is growing back too.

Have we had a dermatologist join this site yet?? I wonder if there is one, if they are making notes???

This replay is quite late, two years late, but I wanted to know if you were able to find some sort of solution to this pain. I have the same pain, inflammation and sensitivity you experience. I have alopecia areata, and as soon as my hair begins to grow back its hurts, becomes inflamed , itchy/tender and then falls out. I experience this discomfort and irritability at least twice a week. If you have any advice or anything you've found that helps, please let me know. Thank you.


Hi, I'm also as late as could be piggy backing on this post, but I've also experienced extreme pain and soreness bad enough to take pain killers....the itching is unbearable and it hurts to comb whatever hair I have left.. It seems to start up when the hair is growing in or either falling out....when I was younger people thought it was me looking for attention....I was always complaining that my scalp didn't feel right and asking someone to look at it but no one ever saw anything...yet my scalp always feels hard and scaly. I've put everything from acne medication to feminine itch cream on my scalp...

yep - mine was super sore.... sometimes it would hurt to lie down... not sharp pain for me, just an aching sensitivity....
My scalp became real sore before my hair fell out too. I never felt pain when I lost my body hair though.
I wouldn't describe it as pain for me, but my spots are certainly very tender to the touch.
I have noticed that I get a really itchy head when my hair is about to fall out... then it burns for a while if I get water on it which is frustrating... (maybe lasts a day after i falls out)
My head seems to always be itchy. What do you think it could be caused from? Sometimes my head feels tingly or achy too. It's wiered because I don't think that my hair's falling out, but it's SO itchy!!



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