Hey everybody,

Has anyone here been diagnosed with celiac disease (allergy to gluten - another autoimmune disease) and have changed their diet and noticed their hair grow back? I've noticed I have quite a few symptoms of celiac disease (alopecia areata, anemia, bloating, fatigue, hereditary [both my parents sides have the disease]) so I went for testing last Friday. I find out in two weeks if I have it or not.

Basically what happens with celiac disease is that the villi (lining in the small intestine) that are responsible for absorbing vitamins and minerals become damaged when the body ingests gluten. Now this lack of vitamins and minerals may be what causes hair to fall out. I am almost certain I have this disease.... and if everything I've read is true, as soon as I change to a gluten free diet, my small intestine will repair itself and begin to absorb vitamins and minerals needed for hair growth.

I just wanted to let everybody know about this because I think this could be the answer for some people. Believe it or not it was NOT my doctor that discovered this link, but my boyfriend. My doctor did not even suggest this as a cause of aa. I always believed that my alopecia was a symptom of another underlying problem. I've read that celiac disease is largely undiagnosed.

So check this out everybody! Hopefully this is an answer! I will keep you posted on what happens with me.

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Christine, I would like to hear more about how you were diagnosed with celiac. I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease several years ago. My symptoms are not completely consistant with Crohn's and I have often wondered about the diagnosis. My symptoms mimic that of Celiac disease more so. Plus I have recently developed alopecia which made your post very interesting to me. Hope you reply. Thanks
My boyfriend was the one who "diagnosed" me, just through reading articles on the internet and matching up symptoms I have had. But I don't know for sure if I actually have celiacs until next Friday. It could be something else though.
So how did the test come out for you? Just reading through some celiac stuff. I hope your doing well.

Hi Rick, I have been a member of the Celiac society for almost 6 years now and I can tell you that the celiacs are often mistaken for many other things. Such as your Crohns DX. Just wanted to let you know. I hope that you'll think about getting retested by a different doctor. Have you been eating gluten recently.


How are you doing now?

It turns out I wasn't diagnosed with celiac disease. Still have no hair regrowth and am still searching for answers :)



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