I have been on thyroid meds for about 8 years already. My thyroid Dr told me to take my pill when I wake up in the morning and not to eat or drink for 1 hour. I however can't wait that 1 hour for my cup of coffee so I end up not following the Dr's directions. Does anyone take the pill as we should? Or have been told different directions of taking the thyroid pill?

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I've been on synthroid for about 5 years. When I lived up in Virginia, my endo told me that it was only necessary to wait 15 min before eating. My endo down here in Florida says 30 mins. I'm usually pretty good about waiting 30 mins. But I definitely don't take it at the same time every day like I've heard some people say you should do.
I take mine every morning around 7ish when I wake up. I usually follow that with coffee...I just thought I couldn't eat anything for 30 mins. Liquids now, too?
Hi all
well I've been taking Armour now for a few months. I take one grain in the am and another about 12 hrs later. I actually put it under my tongue until it's gone. But I to can't wait for my coffee so right after it's gone I have my coffee. I thought I just couldn't eat for an hour.

Dear Shawna
I asked my doctor the same thing-as I take mine first thing and then have a cup of tea straight afterwards !
She said it was fine as long as you take it on an empty stomach if possible so I would think having a cup of coffee afterwards should be fine- and try and take it at the same time everyday if you can.
Well ... It looks like we are ALL coffee junkies :) I too "TRY" to take my meds at the same time each morning, and I "TRY" to wait the 30 mins for my coffee ... Somedays it just doesn't go as planned :)

I will however be starting Armour on Thursday!! So excited to try it! I've been on Levoxyl then switched to Synthroid -that's when my hair fell out BEFORE I even finished the bottle :( Then back on Levoxyl and now Armour. Not too worried about losing hair with this switch, cause I've already shaved it off...so nothing to lose :)

I know this is not necessarily legal ... But if anyone here is taking 100mcg of Synthroid .. I'll send you what I have left over!

Hey Celeste,

So I am on Armour now also but have had a hard time keeping my TSh levels undercontrol so now I am taking 50mcg of Synthroid to control my levels and 1 Armour to control the symptoms we will see what happens let me know how your like Armour
ps I will be in Ind. Noblesville the last weekend in Feb maybe we could get togther for an hour or so to chat and meet in person.

Ive been taking pills for 20 yrs. Everyday. I try to take mine in the mornings too. =)

I use to take mine at night when I was on synthroid. I would stop eating around 6 and take my thyroid medicine at 9. I recently switched to WP thyroid and I take it right when I wake up and wait an hour to eat or drink anything. Sometimes it sucks because I am really hungry, but it is really important to follow the rule of waiting otherwise you don't absorb it all the way. 



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