I just received a synthetic wig I ordered...CODI by Amore...It's a nice style and the cap fits very comfortable, but it has one problem: it's SHINY.

I usually wear human hair wigs but wanted to give synthetics a try to get a break from flat irons and expensive hair care products not to mention I'd like to start getting to work on time...lol...

So I put CODI on and went to the grocery store, not the one I usually go to but another one where people don't know me, and I noticed people staring at me, at the parking lot and at the store; I'm thinking it was because of the shiny wig.

What do I do? Is there anything I can do to make it look less shiny? Do you see people staring at you when wearing synthetic hair? Can people tell it's a wig because of the shininess?


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My human hair never last long because I always mess them up. I like to play with them and change the color, style and at the end, I don't like them anymore...I guess I just can't find something that looks like my real hair :-(
I currently wear Infatuation by Raquel Welch. It was about $250.00 and doesn't have the shininess that I've seen on some wigs. No one I work with knows I wear a wig..it's very realistic looking. I'm not sure what to tell you about how to decrease the shininess. I buy a new wig every 2 1/2 to 3 months.
Maybe it depends on the brand? I got this one because I've read about the Amore wigs being good wigs; and it's actually nice, just too shiny...or maybe it's not that shiny and I'm just used to human hair, I don't know.....or maybe it depends on the color? what color is your infatuation? My CODI is Auburn Sugar color, it's a dark brown mixed with deep auburn and sandy blonde highlights, nice color, but too shiny :-(
I've been wearing wigs for the past 10 years and always buy Noriko or Rene of Paris synthetics, don't worry about the shininess of the wig, it tones down after a few wearings. It will start to get "friction fuzz" at the nape of the neck (looks like Barbie doll hair that's been too close to heat). I have 3 different wig styles in different colours "in rotation" right now and change the style/colour depending on my mood that morning - everyone at work has become used to my ever changing hair and when they ask who does my hair, I usually tell them it's a wig and why I wear one. Stops them from wondering and makes people aware of alopecia - funny thing is, most everyone I've told about my alopecia knows at least one other person with alopecia.
I have noticed that some synthetics need to be thinned out before being worn - they have too much hair and that can cause the wig to look "wiggy". I used to take my wigs to the stylist who cut my hair and he would thin and trim the wig. For Noriko's I'm wearing Reese (Pecan Brown)& Skye (Bronzed Brown) and Rene of Paris Shasta in Marble Brown
I see like you the Noriko brand. I just recently looked into wigs and found one by them, Milan its a 3/4 topper and am debating whether to get it or not. Its my first so its still a little nerve racking.
I know this post was a long time ago- but did you ever try the Milan topper? I was thinking of trying it but have had such bad luck with EVERY wig or topper I try- I am about to give up.
Hey there, I guess Human Hair is the most natural thing you can get, (in my personal Opinion) I use full lace wig (in the pic) I recetly got it and you can wear it for up to 3 weeks without taking it off.. So that compleatly works for me... and the hairline (or what it used to be) looks VERY natural is the closest you can get I believe.
I wore human hair for 10 years, then recently switched to synthetic about 2 years ago. My synthetics are shiny when I first get them but it goes away. I do find when I first start wearing a new one, though, people always compliment my hair. I guess it looks healthy shiny and not freaky shiny. If you look at the pictures on my page, the one of me holding my 2 nieces is a picture of a new wig, the first day wearing it. I have to wear headbands the first few days because it is so poofy! You can see it is pretty shiny. Most of my other pictures are of older wigs. The one I am wearing now I have had for only 3 months and it's already very dull looking. I will be getting a new one soon! Try washing it a couple of times. See if that takes some shine out.
Hi Melissa....Can you tell me the name of that wig you have on in the pic with your nieces? It looks so great on you! Thanks so much.
I spent 2100 on a human hair custom piece loved it but it was so much work after awhile. I had it long and curly. I was med brown then bought a Noriko short wig that is Nutmeg f which is gradient colors and looks very natural and I get a lot of compliments on the color. I want it to be shiny like healthy hair. Anyone have any ideas on how to bring the original softness and shine back? I by 2 at a time and alternate.
I've owned several different synthetic wigs - some are shiny & some not. I have not worn the shiny wigs (2) because they don't fit right & I need to return them. I also didn't like the fact that they were so shiny. Some shine is good, but too much can make it look more fake.

The color of your wig sounds pretty. Maybe they were staring because they were envious! ;-)





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