I've had alopecia for 33yrs now yet it seems harder to accecpt now then it was when I was younger. My father also has alopecia and I'm worried one of my children might get it

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Why do you think it is harder now? Just curious. Perhaps something else in your life has also changed.
I've had a couple of major things happen to me in the last 2 years one very happy I got married, the other not so happy in short ghosts from the past maybe that has alot to do with it. I also do worry about my daughter getting alopecia so im alot more aware of it
Hi Karen,

I have two daughters and do worry they may have similar problems to me, I have had AU for 13 years.

There is no sign of them having problems yet. I know that by the age of 12 I had some very small patches on the back of my head.

My daughters are 11 and 14 and all is OK so far, I keep my fingers and toes crossed for them both.

As for you finding it harder to cope now, perhaps that is as you get older yourself your self confidence is dropping. I know this is happening to me. I don't want to be old and bald, but hey, I don't think I'm going to have a choice. Just have to keep my chin up and keep plodding on.

Expecting my new wig to arrive any day now, perhaps that will cheer me up.

Do you still have eyelashes and eyebrows ?

Starr x
just got 2 new wigs myself it really does make you feel better, I think part of my problem is just worrying about my daughter and being aware that she may well loose her hair just like me and my dad.



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