hi, i was just wondering if anyone has experianced itching i have one bald patch and hair thinning a bit, i was told i had aa 2months ago and nothing much else has happened apart from this itching its driving me mad its like a tingley itch (if that makes sence),, im itching like a mad woman with flee's has anyone else had this.. its driving me potty and the fact that nothing else is happening no regrowth or any other patches to even explain this.. im not due to see dermatologist till the 6th of october i feel like shaving my head its that bad help .....

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ive had that feeling in the past.i hated it.at that time i had a head full of hair in cornrows.i guess its due to the oncoming baldnes.my scalp is very sensitive
hey emma.

i certainly deal with this tingly itching as well. when my current spot first showed up, i did notice the tingling and associated that with the hair loss, but now sometimes i feel that sensation in other places on my head that aren't losing any hair.. so i'm not sure what that is.

i suppose it's worth looking into..
I always have itiching when i am loosing or starting to regrow. recently my eyebrows started itching for a few days and then they were gone in 2 weeks and the itching stopped that is usually that case. when i itch really bad i usually get and ice pack and put it on for a little bit that helps alot and a little hydrocortizone anti-itch cream helps too. it doesnt make it go away but it makes it bare able so you dont irrate the skin too much. hope that helps.
My daughter is constantly scratching her scalp, but that is in part to her treatment. We put Aquaphor on her scalp and it seems to help her.
YES! My head itches A LOT! I have had eczema all over my body for my whole life. I am used to itching. But, my head has never itched until all this started. And it is driving me mad!! I actually have shaved a few spots that itched the most. It seems to help some. Initally, it does not itch, but as it starts to grow back (in those spots I shaved) it starts to itch again. But, not nearly as bad as before I shaved it. I have only shaved the itchiest spots because I was not able to shave my entire head. The minute I started to, I burst into tears and had to rearrange my bedroom to get my mind off of it. But, I did cut it really short (about half an inch) all over my head (see pictures in 'one month+' blog. It still itches, but not as bad. It did seem to help some for me. It might be different for different people, but for me, it has helped some.
When I had my squaric acid treatment........UGH!! It itched SO much. I woke up to find myself scratching. It was like having poison oak on my head.

That said, my dermatologist told me to try cortisol. I suppose it worked...but, I've been using this emu oil cream on my face and decided to try it on my head where it was super itchy. It worked out SO well for me. I've read that it works well for eczema also. If my daughter's eczema flares this winter we'll get to try it out on her. I also used the Jason dandruff relief shampoo and it has helped control the itchiness.
thank you all so much for your replys. i have'nt started any treatment yet or have dandruff or anything like that.. thats why im so suprised how itchy my head is .. linsey i hope all goes well at the doctors monday let me know how it goes ,, once again thank you all for replying
Every single spot ive got itches like crazy. I decided to shave it all off recently and the itching went away. Thats about the only thing that made it quit.
Hi Emma my daughter first lost her hair twelve months ago, yes she also had the itch her head was covered in eczema and face also had pimples etc on her face she was only twelve at the time, all her hair was falling at he same time we had a super doctor who pushed for an earlier visit to the specialist, who put her on a quaterzone ointment as well as a tablet form of quarterzone, the rash cleared the hair continued to fall then regrow, but when we finished the treatment it all fell again. Twelve months and three wigs later she hit puberty, and her eyebrows are slowly coming along with facial hair fine hair on top of her head but she is getting the eczma back on her head.
i have a question - i get itchy too, but i can get it on hairy areas or bald patches.
if i'm itchy on hairy areas could this be a sign that its going to come out? because i always forget if the areas without hair were itchy before they fell out.
and if i'm itchy on areas without hair,could this be a sign of potential regrowth?
i know that you can't say on itchiness alone whether hair is going to come out or back in,but i just wondered what the significance of it is,considering quite a lot of us seem to suffer with itching.
hope this post makes sense.
love and God bless
Megan x
Hi this is Di, Cassies mum Cassies eyebrows are going strong and look great, eyelashes also growing, we havent had any treatment since it all fell out, I can only put this regrowth down to puberty and hormones, we were using proactive (the add comes on tv,) for her pimples and oily skin she hasn't used it for approx eight weeks, due to the cost! and her pimples are coming back, her head is covered in a rash and although she has fine new hairs growing on top of her head, there are none on the patches at the back where we first noticed her bald spots. I fear the itch has something to do with the whole cycle Totally weird!
I'm interested to know if there is anyone out there who lost all their hair for a period of time, hasn't gone through any treatment, and then it has all grown back and has stayed back!! cheers Di
hi just wanted to say thank you again to everyone for replying. and to give you and update well ive had my hair cut really short to take some weight of it and the itching stopped for a while, then last week it started up again then i found another patch at the top of my head where i was itching, i dont know if it was related but im pretty sure it is, so far now i have 3 more small patches head is not as itchy now just has spats but its mainly where my new patches are. the dermatologist gave me some mousse but it was no good x



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