This may seem like a very odd question for discussion but.... Despite the roller coaster ride of emotions that are part and parcel of alopecia, has anyone ever, in a very objecteive moment, looked in the mirror and said to themselves, " Ya know, I look pretty good without the hair?" Has anyone ever thought that they were more attractive?

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Hi Angela,
I've seen your photos and I agree with your kids, you indeed look good and younger without hair! I'm sorry for the pain you experience. I don't know that much about your type of alopecia. Is it considered rare?
I think a lot of people look better without their hair, myself included. Hair seems to add years to a person, especially with the wrong hair cut or style. Are you considering shaving or ditching the wig???
Hi Carol,
I have shaved on several occasions in the past when the hairloss became too much to manage. Mr. Alopecia is reaching out to touch me again so I'm sure that I will shave again sometime in the future. This time, I think that I will just learn to live bald and get on with my life!
Yes, I have! Esp when I put on my makeup and look in the mirror--I say, "look at that sexy chick, I am way cute!" lol
That's why I cut off the long white/blonde hairs~(I think it adds a little craziness to my look)
yes, my mom and dad and all my family tell me when ever i take my wig off- they tell me i look MUCH better-
Hi Jamie, I remember when I was first losing my hair, sitting there starring in the mirror at my reflection. And although I was scared to death of what other people were going to think, I did think to myself that I am not completely hating this. And even now when I am getting ready to go out and dress up, put on a bit of lipstick ;) and walk out the door I like what I see.
Bogie, are you referring to finding that young lady I went to high school with?
Actually Bogie, I believe you did it right.
Nobody is old as dirt silly girlie!!!!
I never thought I was totally hot (well maybe for a 2 year period) lol....But anyway once in awhile I will see my reflection and think oh who's that hottie and then realize oh thats me silly.
Have to agree with Damon about the drink and the next day. haha Not pretty.

You are teeth-ache-ingly sweet Angela


Spot on Jamie, the last few months have been a roller coaster of emotion. The new look took a bit of getting used to. Now I try not to focus on it. Do I look pretty good without hair? I'm always too critical of myself to say so. What I will say is the alopecia made me pay a more attention to the rest of me...not just my physical appearance but more of how I act and carry myself. Confidence always looks good.



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