I’ll try to keep this short and sweet, I’ve been scared to post out of fear i will jinx myself and have a reoccurance. I have decided to share my story and my success with my hair for anyone who feels hopeless. 2 years ago i noticed a Nickle sized bald spot on the side of my head, being in the medical field i instantly knew this wasn’t good. I had no idea how bad it would get. At the time i had waist length big curly hair that required 2 heavy duty hair ties to hold it in a bun. Thankfully i was able to conceal this spot easily with the rest of my hair, but within a matter of weeks that spot went from the size of a nickle to the size of the palm of my hand! And smaller spots popped up all over the rest of my head and then i lost all the hair on the nape of my neck all the way up to the middle of my ears, a total of 22 spots.  I was a mess, a 32 year old single mother unable to function normally, my hair Became an obsssion i thought about it all day everyday i researched and went to doctors and acupuncture and holistic healers, i spent over 7 thousand dollars on remedies and co pays and supplements, you name it i tried it. I even bought a custom wig off an excellent website called evawwigs (they are based in China and i was skeptical but it’s beautiful and quality human hair according to my friend who is a celebrity hair stylist). I lost some friends over this but gained some as well. People can’t really understand how much this effects you. For me my biggest problem was the fear of not knowing how far it would go, would i wake up tomorrow and be totally bald? My first piece of advice is find a support system, anywhere anyhow. My daughter, My friends and family helped drag me out of the hell i lived in everyday, without them i don’t know what would be. Secondly, find God- i was an atheist pre alopecia and somehow someway in my search for mental peace and clarity over this unpredictable condition i developed a relationship with God, i prayed everyday. God has answered my prayers and all of my spots have grown back in. That being said, there are many things i tried to stop this attack on my hair- some worked some were a waste of money. I started taking supplements for healthy hair from a company called  hum nutrition, hair sweet hair gummy vitamins, vit d3, and a probiotic, i also got an iron supplement bc i was anemic at the time. I was religious with these supplements. I changed my diet, started drinking smoothies full of fresh fruits veggies and most importantly kale. I heard of an essential oil called spikenard i researched it and found a great brand, it was costly but worth it bc it played a vital role in my regrowth. I purchased a dermaroller, a sharp one, i would rub the spikenard on my spots and dermaroll it into my scalp. I started meditating, and calming my mind, deep breathing and relaxing techniques to ease the mental torture. I did accupuncture once a week. All of these things i believe made a huge impact on my alopecia. I attack ed it from the inside out. I do believe it’s coming from the inside and that we need to heal that aspect first. It began growing back 5/6 months after i initially noticed the first spot and it is fully grown in, i cut my hair to my chin to allow it all to catch up and it’s almost all one length now. I will say i also had some severe shedding from all over my scalp bc my hair is not as thick as it was pre alopecia but i won’t complain. I’m just grateful that this nightmare has ended and that i won the battle against the bitch that is alopecia. Lastly this site was a blessing and a curse for me. On one hand i found support and even made a long distance friend but on the other there are trolls on here that like to pick apart what people say. I had many many people comment on my original post saying it sounded like i was going to go totally bald or it sounded like universalis. The most noteworthy thing i can say is that every BODY is different and no 2  attacks are the same. If you don’t have anything positive of uplifting to say then don’t say it. Kindness is key. Love and light to everyone suffering from this bitch- there is a light at the end of the tunnel. 

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That's awesome! Great work on changing your lifestyle and getting your hair back! 

Thank you for this post.  Five days ago I was blow drying my hair while using a round brush and happened to look in mirror at the back of my head.  I saw a quarter sized complete bald spot.  I slowly made my way, layer by layer, through my thick head of hair to find five different spots.  I immediately texted my hair stylist who colors my hair every 8 weeks and asked if she saw any 6 weeks ago.  She confirmed that she saw two dime sized bald spots leading me to the conclusion that this is progressing quickly.  I can't explain how overwhelming the last five days have been but I guess you would know from experience.  I'm a senior level employee at a large company and travel often.  All I can think about is waking up for a trip with a bald spot in the back of my head.  I'm at the start of the journey emotionally and physically trying to sift through all the data to figure out what to do next.  It's so encouraging to see someone who has come through the tunnel and read their story.  Thank you.

Thank you for sharing your experience. Two years ago I started losing hair. The proglem is that I wanted to become an actress, and entered acting university. So unfortunately this ended up my career. I was in a huge stress because of that, but then like you, started to calm down my mind, was doing meditation and even though it didnt' solve my medical problem, I had enough courate to revert to screen-play writing department and that gives me some solace at least. 



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