I have recently ordered some of the Nioxin Follicle Booster from ebay. I was wondering if anybody out there has tried any Nioxin products for their Alopecia, and whether or not it worked. I haven't tried it yet, but when i get it and use it, i'll post my update. I'm just wondering if I should get the shampoos and scalp treatments too. I don't have a lot of money to spend, so i want to make sure this stuff works first. Any thoughts or comments??
And as a side note (for those who have other products to suggest), I am a nursing mother, and will be for the next six months, so the products i can use are extremely limited at the moment. Nioxin was the first one i heard of that is safe for me to use, which is why i'm trying it first. =)

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Thats funny, my mother a couple of months ago was telling me to try that. But, I haven't..

Let me know how it goes :)
Hi there we used this for our daughter when her Alopecia first began...........it is lovely shampoo but wouldn't say it made her hair return...........well it didn't lol because she is AU now. Hope you get some good results you have to try these things.
Hi there! I have been using Nioxin for the past several weeks, and I am using these products: Scalp Therapy (daily foam for your scalp), Scalp Treatment (conditioner) and Shampoo #2 for noticeably thinning hair. I haven ot tried the follicle booster. Here's the good and the bad (no ugly): The good: I like the shampoo and scalp treatment a lot - they don't dry out my skin, and it really does improve the look of my scalp and help keep my scalp clean and healthy, which is one of the claims on the bottle. The daily foam is pretty good too, because it goes on light, and to date is the only product I have ever seen that has sunblock in the scalp treatment, and it does help protect my scalp.

The bad: It hasn't helped my hair grow back. I figure that if it did, Nioxin would be sold out in every store in the United States, and people would be eating it in their Cornflakes in addition to shampooing twice a day. :) The Nioxin is also expensive, and I signed up for the Ulta Cosmetics Store's e-mail and mailing list so that I could receive their coupons by mail and use them for the Nioxin.

So, good luck to you - and let us know if the Follicle Booster works - if it does, I'm buying double doses. One for my Fruit Loops and the rest for topical use.

I don't know if this will work for you but I just want you to be aware that at this time there is no cure for alopecia areata and even though some treatments show evidence that they work for some there is no definitive treatment that works for all.

Alopecia areata can and does go into remission on its own - so don't loose hope, just be careful of things touted as hair growing products, some do not work at all and cost a heap of money to use. Be careful and Good luck

A co-worker of mine had a baby and developed AA.
She used the nioxin shampoo and had regrowth.
Did the nioxin play a role? Who knows.
I tend to think pregnancy and alopecia might be hormonal.
I never tried nioxin and btw I have never been pregnant either. LOL

I say try it.
Good Luck,
Jeff 44M AU x 1 year
Makes sense Jeff~Since I developed once I had my son in 1998
Maybe we should both try it.
The last shampoo that was recomended to me smells like dog shampoo. Phew lol
I tried Nioxin shampoo but my hair still fell out while using it.
I used Nioxin products - the shampoo, conditioner,a kind of conditioning spray called bliss and the follicle booster for over a year and nothing happened. I have AGA so I don't know whether it might help other types of alopecia.
I have my fingers crossed too

I am in hair school now. I Had forgotten along time ago someone else I knew with alopecia used it and it worked. Just bought the line myself and I Am giving it a shot. Although, I have had this since I was 7 and am 30 now. I highly recommend the steroid shots. They always have made my hair grow back. Although after 23 years of them I think I am finally becoming immune to them. So I am willing to give the nioxin a try. I will let you know how it works. Everyone is different and with alopecia what works for me, may not work for you.
Hi Emily,

ANy progress to report on the Nioxin?





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