My daughter is 10 years old and within the last 3 weeks is almost completely bald, she is very active and we are looking for a wig that she can play sports in and swim in that won't fall off and will be secure. Has anyone found one that works?

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Comment by Aimee on December 7, 2013 at 10:00pm

I like the line. I'm wearing one in this picture :) I also have the swimscarf/wig combo, which is great.  It is customized to your head size and very secure.  The only challenge is finding a bathing suit to match whichever color fabric you choose!

Comment by Rose Marie' on December 8, 2013 at 1:10pm

Yes, I did with my daughter.  She was 12 when she was diagnosed with alopecia, she is now 23 and has been wearing a wig since she was 12.  I also think the hatswithhair are a good alternative, but that is not the wig I bought my daughter.  She has worn a Freedom Wig for the last 11 years.  I'll pop the facebook address here just in case you want to have a wee looksee at people wearing them 

Also happy to pass on any information you may need about this type of wig.

Good luck with finding something that works well for you and your daughter.



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