My history, and looking for a good wig

Hello everyone, my name is Bastiàn, I am guy 25 years old and I live in Spain.

Please, I'm sorry truly for my English. I'm trying to write as well as I can, and I hope you can understand me. It helped me a translator.
I write for the first time in this forum because all these years, I have tried to find help, without finding any organization or support group in my country.
I have alopecia Universalis from the 20 years due to a very strong impact on my life at age 18. I was slowly losing the hair and nor the help psychological or medical gives me hope to get my life back with hair.
I try to be as pragmatic as I can, and I try to live Relativizing the problems that the disease has caused in my life. Emotional and social.
The origin of this disease is still an absolute incognito, because although overcame my problem that caused the alopecia, there is still not a single hair that has sprouted from my body, and listen every three months to my doctor saying auto immune is a problem, I'm starting to hate him.
OK guys, during these last 5 years, have taken various wigs... Sometimes, my friends reminded me that Carnival had spent two weeks ago, and that if I wanted to continue the party, that was somewhere else more appropriate than in the restaurant of 40 euros the covered...
Another piece of the collection, (restored by my worst enemy) was one of my wonderful grandmother, when she danced "bailando salsa" in the wonderful summers of 59 in Ibiza. This wig had a longer life than the Carnival's wig in benidorm life.
I had other several after so many, most synthetic and others with mixture of natural hair. All with less life as candy to the entrance of a school...
I have always been somewhat long hair, was my identity, and I'd be able to recover.
For almost two years I have been saving money for my big decision. I knew that if I went back to birth the hair, he would spend it on a wonderful holiday gift and which still,
To help my parents to pay a third of tuition at the University...
As none of this has been fulfilled, I decided to invest in a wig, this time for real.
I have been reviewing a such "Firenze" of gentress, and it seems a good choice.
I would like to know if anyone has had experience with this piece, life time (I hope that a very long life, 1500 usd are a exception in my life ) , and the naturalness and comfort that feels.
I've seen a user carrying a similar,his name is AnGel. I would like to know that color is, because it is identical to my own natural color.
Many thanks to all,

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Comment by Rose Marie' on December 8, 2013 at 1:05pm


There are support groups in Spain... I have personally been to many support group meeting in your lovely country.  Please keep looking as I'm sure you will find people to help.  Alopecia Areata España is on Facebook.  

There are many choices available for those who prefer to wear wigs.  Please take your time with your decision around this.  I would really recommend that you work out your own needs before you buy another wig.  Write a list of what you want to achieve with your wig....even though I understand from your post that you want it to last a reasonable amount of time and to look as natural as possible.  

When I started looking for wigs for my daughter I wrote a wish list....these were the things that were important to her and me.  It had to look like her natural hair, it needed to be comfortable and secure (without tapes etc.), it needed to be easy to look after (washing and maintaining), it needed to work for her in her everyday life (swimming, dancing, playing sport etc.)  We did find a wig that fit all these things.  

Write your list and then look for an alternative that works for you.



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