Female Pattern Baldness

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  • Hopehopper

    I hope that the Yaz does wonders for her. My body hated it. I bled for a month with no end in sight. I went to my doctor who immediately switched me to ortho cyclen, and I have not had issues since. Fingers crossed for your daughter, because I hear its a good one for hair loss. Did they check her ferritin level? Mine was at a low of 19 and for adequate hair growth it needs to be between 50 and 70. I think going aggressively has helped me the most. Getting my level back up to the fifties, taking 100 mg. of spiro, less stress, no calorie restriction, and hormone control thru birth control. I also take something over the counter called FOOD grade diatomaceous earth. It has tons of silica in it, which our hair needs. I also take a chewable probiotic and make sure that my gut is in check if you know what I mean. So, yes, I take all of these things everyday, I am so happy that I made the commitment, because now I feel like my life is getting back to normal. I never thought I would ever have to worry about hair loss, because I had such great full hair, well, I am now a firm believer that nobody is safe. I don't even have a family history of hair loss. My own Father has all of his hair, with maybe 5 to 10 gray hairs, and he is almost 55. My Mother just went through a bad spout of hair loss, last year but she was very sick, so its probably bc her colon couldn't process foods like it use to. I have begged her to get her ferritin checked, but since her hair is growing back without any help now, she isn't worried about it. So anyways, if your daughter has very heavy periods, don't eat much foods with iron in it, I think low ferritin coupled with other things such as high stress, can make your hair fall out. Did she have a huge shed? Did they do a biopsy? I am sorry she is going through this, I know it sucks and is extremely hard to deal with. You are a good Mom to be so concerned about her and this journey that she is on!! Two thumbs up for you Beth!!

  • Beth

    Thank you, Hope Hopper!
    Thank you for the specifics of your treatment. Teenagers have their own agendas, so treatment, etc., has been challenging. I will keep documenting, also, because maybe we can help another woman or Teenagers!
    She definitely has female pattern. I took her to many top specialists because we had to rule out other things. It is tough, but I live in hope of new treatments. Thank you very much!
  • Beth

    Hi, and welcome!
    My name is Beth. My teenage daughter has androgenticalopecia. I am starting a plan of positive action to contact researchers, pharmaceutical companies, students studying dermatology, females and males with aga, and let them know we want treatments that work! I just have to figure out what kind of website I want to set up.

    I will not promote specific remedies, nor will I charge money. My sole interest is keeping up interest until we have good treatments.
    Stay tuned!