Female Pattern Baldness

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  • Beth

    Hi, and welcome!
    My name is Beth. My teenage daughter has androgenticalopecia. I am starting a plan of positive action to contact researchers, pharmaceutical companies, students studying dermatology, females and males with aga, and let them know we want treatments that work! I just have to figure out what kind of website I want to set up.

    I will not promote specific remedies, nor will I charge money. My sole interest is keeping up interest until we have good treatments.
    Stay tuned!
  • Beth

    Hi, Ladies,
    I am checking in to see if there are any new members to our group. Stay tuned for my new free website: hairgrowthcampaign.com.Mission: to find new treatments for our type of hair loss, and spur more
    Pro-active push to do research for this life-altering condition.I will let everyone know when it's ready!
  • Beth

    Hi, Beth here,
    I am glad/sad to see a few more members to our group. I hope you newbies read the information the past members have provided. I vow to check in periodically! FYI people with alopecia are having continuedinner success with jak inhibitors, so happy for them!