Female Pattern Baldness

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  • Caligrl

    Thanks for the led on Dermatch. I'll have to try it out too. Sounds great. In regards to the pregnancy issues...I was extremely anxious about hair loss during and after pregnancy. So much so that I put off having any children for more than 8 years. When I finally had my first child my hair grew well during pregnancy. However, there was a massive shed in the months afterwards. This is normal due to hormones but it was worse due to the AGA. The good thing is that there was so much joy with a new baby that the hair loss was not a focus. I kinda wish now that I had been able to overcome my fears and anxiety about it a long time ago. However it is a real fear and reality but something that we can get through with a supportive network. Everyday I remind myself that there are people with much worse and painful conditions than mine. I try not to minimize the heartbreak I have felt over the years while at the same time acknowledging that it could be much worse.

  • 23311

    Ive had androgenetic alopecia for 7 or 8 years now, I am looking for some friends who have the same alopecia as me. Please could you get in touch with me ?

  • Caligrl

    Hi 23311.  I have the same diagnosis but I have had it since I was 16 years old.  So I have been dealing with it for a while.  I'd be glad to be a support!