Female Pattern Baldness

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  • Caligrl

    I tried the Rogaine thing a long time ago. I didn't see much difference. I used it for about a year. At the time it was a new product and expensive. I was also concerned that it could not be used during pregnancy. I gave up on it myself. About two years ago I started using Toppik. It does not grow hair back but it helps to cover and protect my scalp. My hair loss is less obvious and I feel better when I use it. It took a little but to learn how to apply it correctly but now it is just part of my morning routine. My hair loss began when I was 16 and I am now 39. It gets easier but everyday is a struggle. It's nice to know that there are others out there facing the same issues.

  • Kate

    Caligirl - I share your same thoughts and alternative path. I considered Rogaine but would like to start a family and am concerned about its use during pregnancy. In addition, I understand that once Rogaine use is stopped, all regrowth and temporarily-paused hair loss picks back up, and I did not want the stress of a massive shed as I prepared to conceive. So I have also found an alternative.

    I like to use Dermatch. I call it my head paint. It's a powder compact that I can apply with a little bit of water straight to my scalp. It sticks to the skin through sweat, swimming pool, brushing, etc. It colors my scalp the same color as my hair, so you don't see the thin areas nearly as prominently. I also have curly hair so I can usually fluff my curls up a bit and it provides a nice camouflage. After a bit of practice, I have figure out how to apply the product in only a few minutes each morning with minimal mess. I feel more confident and this is a wonderful in-between solution until I loose enough hair to warrant shaving my head.

    I think the number one focus for those of us with hair loss should be finding acceptance (since there is no cure). After acceptance, these short term, risk-free solutions are a great way to boost confidence and ride out the slow process of hair thinning. Happy to share more if interested. Reach out to me.

  • Caligrl

    Thanks for the led on Dermatch. I'll have to try it out too. Sounds great. In regards to the pregnancy issues...I was extremely anxious about hair loss during and after pregnancy. So much so that I put off having any children for more than 8 years. When I finally had my first child my hair grew well during pregnancy. However, there was a massive shed in the months afterwards. This is normal due to hormones but it was worse due to the AGA. The good thing is that there was so much joy with a new baby that the hair loss was not a focus. I kinda wish now that I had been able to overcome my fears and anxiety about it a long time ago. However it is a real fear and reality but something that we can get through with a supportive network. Everyday I remind myself that there are people with much worse and painful conditions than mine. I try not to minimize the heartbreak I have felt over the years while at the same time acknowledging that it could be much worse.