Female Pattern Baldness

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  • Snowy

    Sorry Beth, I'm new to all of this.
    I thought there might be a way of sending a direct message...

    Thanks for the info tho'...I will chase it up for sure.

    I'm meeting the Freedom Wig rep next week to check out the product and any further advice etc.

    Let me know if anyone would like a review of what I see/touch/feel etc...

    Thank you again, I will follow up on your direction Beth.

  • Beth

    Hi Ladies,
    I am going to keep this "discussion"alive by commenting at least every other week. I know there are more women with Fpb that will need support.
    I am closely following the successful and happy news that our AU, AT, AA friends are having with jak inhibitors!! Truly excited that they are learning more about their condition.

    I read that one drug company will test it for androgeneticalopecia down the road, the Topical form.
  • Kate

    You can swim in Dermmatch. The coloring stays on the scalp. But it doesn't provide fullness to the hairshaft. Depending on your hair texture and how thin it is, it may or may not be noticeable. You can test in the shower.

    When I swim for recreation, I usually bring a nice sunhat and keep it near the pool to pop on when I am not in the water, and tell myself that wet hair on most people looks thin and just ignore it. When I have snorkeled or participated in water sports, I will wear a bandanna on my head (underwater even) and explain I like to keep my hair out of my eyes, mouth, face, etc. It keeps it looking cute, I keep extra dry ones and swap out a wet/dry one when I am not in the water, and it prevents scalp sunburning (and risk of skin cancer).