Female Pattern Baldness

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  • Kate

    Hi all. Nice to see action on this board. :) I am still around, although I check in here infrequently. I still use DermMatch (https://www.dermmatch.com/) and highly recommend it. I am glad that I did not choose chemical or medical treatments, as I am currently 5-months pregnant with my first baby and working on having a healthy, chemical-free pregnancy. I think a healthy babe beats a healthy head of hair any day! Hope this finds all of you well. Hang in there. 

  • Lexi

    me, I am just getting thinner and thinner all the time.  It just sucks

  • emsy

    So I was diagnosed with the same as Alpine, last year after a dermo appointment and a scalp biopsy.  I am 36.  I have always had too much hair that was the comment of every hairdresser to me so I actually have to pinch myself that this has happened to me!!  I would say I have lost 50-60% of the thickness of my hair at this point in time.

    The upsetting thing was to be told by the dermo, this is what you have, put minodoxil 5% on your head  and come and see me in six months. No explaination, sympthy or suggestions of how to cope. A the time i was completely panicked and crying a lot. Then I came on here and read that I need to do my own research and start looking into why.

    I got an appointment (took 6 months!) with a highly regarded endocrinogist and it sounds like she backs my view that what caused the onset of this was a change in pill. I was on yasmin and because of breakthrough bleeding I went on Noramin1. it was after a couple of months of being on Noramin1 that I was realising my hair was shedding but not growing back.

    I hate hate hate the feeling of ants crawling around inside my scalp and sometimes it is actually achey and painful. 

    I am quite scared and sad but I guess it is not a disease I am dying from so for that I'm grateful.

    My 'plan' is to continue down the endo path and see if there is anything she can do. I will also try and make a plan of how to cope. For example I love style and clothes and I want to try and find a way that I won't have to give up feeling like I won't ever feel stylish or feel great or femanine again. I am scared for a lot of reasons.  I have gone back on the pill and as I said I'm 36. That worries me. I also am sporty and live in a hot country. The idea of a wig feels me with dread. I am unmarried, what effect will losing my hair have on my relationship. And even on my career? I worry I won't be confident in the workplace. I have suffered with depression before and worry that this will cause me to slip down.

    I guess I will try and focus I guess on what I can control. I want to be strong and open with the people around me. I pray I can manage this.

    It's nice to know others who can relate are out there.