Female Pattern Baldness

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  • Beth

    Hi, Beth here,
    I am glad/sad to see a few more members to our group. I hope you newbies read the information the past members have provided. I vow to check in periodically! FYI people with alopecia are having continuedinner success with jak inhibitors, so happy for them!
  • Beth

    Hello From Beth,

    My new website is www.hairgrowthcampaign.com.

    Its mission: to seek out the REAL DEAL: A Treatment that really will regrow hair safely for women and men who have androgenetic alopecia. 

  • manhhuyly

    Hi, Ladies,

    My name is manhhuy ly. I live in Canada, Vancouver, B.C.

    I am an Esthetician, and Hair restorationist.

    Last year, in early April 2015,my sister had theTelogen effluvivium

    hair loss problem and asked me for help. In did the research,what it there, why it  there, how to treat it. I  started treating her early  in April, by the end of the month, her hair stopped shedding and

    the baby hairs ( Vellus ) had arrived. After 3 months of  treatment, her hair grew rapidly and gone back to normal stage.( she had  a short hair cut. Then my friend Mr (shaw)  saw the result and asked me for help. I started treating In August  Mr Shaw had Telogen effluvium and Front fibrosing alopecia.

    By September, his hair grew so rapidly and said to me Why do not this as a business. I did not realize that there is no cure at the moment in the market. So many people in the world are suffer hair loss. The reason i contact  to Alopecia foundation since my clients suggested to me that i should broadcast that Hair Loss is available. All natural non surgical processes.I have been treating 

    my family members, friends,and clients as volunteer over a year. I have treated  the clients such as Alopecia Totalis, frontal Fibrosing Alopecia, lopecia areate front hair line, Scarring Alopecia ,Telegen Effluvium, Traction Alopecia ,Trichotillomaina ( hair pulling disorder, and i been treating Endrogen Alopecia for 2 male clients for the last 2 months. first they came in for consultation,they had vellus hairs,after 1 month of treatment, the peach fuzz became more thicker and darker pigment . now all the vellus hairs have turn to adult hairs. the treatment should be completed by September. I treatment all above hair loss problem  Except hair loss due to medical problem and Alopecia Universalis. My e mail is manhhuyly"gmail.com.

    Sorry, my at key is  sticky, i can not type the at. Have a healthy hair.