OK I have had alopecia since I was 15, I have always worn synthetic mono top wigs. I am ready for a better one. I want to swim and not worry about it. I want to have fun and not worry about it. I am sick of saying "I can't do that" when my son asks me to go down the water slides.
So please give me your advice on Vacuum wigs! Which ones do you have? Which are good? What were the costs around?
I have only really looked into the Freedom wig, and I love it, but I don't know if I can afford it. Are there any sort of payment plans??

Thank you!


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Yeah they are soo expensive.. It is too bad. And we have no sort of subsidy here.
Good luck with your wig!

Hi Ladies

I understand that a Freedom wig can seem terribly expensive, but if looked after well they can last many years, while giving you the best features and benefits available for a wig. (security, comfort, good looks, versatility...freedom).

I have people in NZ that find this choice very cost effective.


How much do freedom wigs cost?

Freedom wigs cost thousands of dollars.....

Freedom wigs cost far too much considering most of the hair is donated. They may be good wigs but not good enough to spend thousands on.

Hi Lisamarie

The hair that Freedom gets donated is always paid for. Freedom is a Private Company and would always pays for the hair they receive. In many instances those that donate do not wish to receive the money that is paid and ask Freedom to pass it on to the charity of their choice - often a charity that is helping people with alopecia.

I'm not sure where you got the information you have here but it is terribly misleading especially when those that donate are trying their best to help those without hair.

A Freedom wig does have the best hair possible but it also is totally (bespoke) Custom made. The only person that can wear your Freedom wig is you. It is truly an incredibly accurate piece of equipment which helps many people.

I disagree with you Lisamarie, these wigs are very worth it, but I totally support you in the choice of hair you want to wear. :)


ive just had a fitting for one, im getting a 14inch one from freedom wigs, New Zealand and mines costing £2010 or something, its expensive but i know its worth the cost:)

For those on a budget-the wigs sold on Lori's wigsite- made by Onrite/Gemtress and called Impressions, can do very well in swim situations. There is a cap style that is all hand tied and has a lot of thin skin around the perimeter and across the crown-it suctions onto your scalp. I just came back from a cottage holiday and took my old one with me and it was great. It is made of Asian hair so not my favorite hair now that it is older-but the ones made with EHH are about $1100. This cap that is almost vacuum-just needs a little tape at the ears.

Earlier this year, I paid $4500 for a 12 inch vs Liv $3100 - based on today's conversion - for a 14 inch. Very interesting, why is there such a big difference?

I do not understand why Freedom does not post prices on its site. The grippers by Follea prices are clearly stated on its website even they are also sold thru their independent agents.

Hello Myem

Price differences from Independent Agent to Independent agent are dependent on many things. I can assure you that Freedom NZ sell to the IA's at the same price no matter where they live, but you have to also understand that each country has it's own duties, taxes, shipping, as each IA may have differing overheads, travel expenses etc.

The other thing that people don't seem to be taking in to account is the exchange rate.

The Follea hairpiece is not a custom made (bespoke) wig. I believe you can order follea wigs from the internet like all handtied, processed hair wigs. You can not buy a freedom wig from the internet.


Because some I/A's choose to make more money per customer and if you dare to cross out of your teritory's rep to get a better deal - well let's just say that is not allowed.

That's just not true Lillybell. It is up to the client who they deal with. If they want to travel to an Independent Agent on the other side of the world they most certainly can. I have been talking to a Canadian who travels extensively and prefers to work with the IA in England. But if we think about that sensibly I would say that it wouldn't be cost effective for most people and certainly doesn't work if there are fittings etc. to deal with, then it would become terribly costly. I would think it is more economical to deal with the IA that is closest to you. If you don't want to though, they wouldn't have a problem with you contacting another IA.






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