This is my first summer with AU, and I'm trying to figure out how to swim with a wig. My daily wig is custom human hair wig, but I was told chlorine or salt water would kill the hair.
So I'm thinking about getting a less expensive wig to swim in, but I'm curious how "wig-like" it will look when wet? How does synthetic hair behave in sea or pool water?
And what kind of tape is the most reliable? The tape I'm using now is not sweat-proof, so I'm guessing its not waterproof either. Any help you can give is appreciated! Thanks!

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I`ve a short sythetic wig- and when i was in the water, it lokks almost like real human hair. I think you shouldn`t be under water all the time, but one short moment- it isn`t a problem!

You might want to try a combo scarf/wig or swimcap/wig. You can get them at I have a picture of me wearing the "Scarfabulous" on my page, if you want to see what it looks like. These wigs are meant to be worn in the water. This is my 4th summer with AU! It gets easier, once you figure out what works for you.

Just had a look at that site, thanks for sharing, they look fantastic.

Thank you so much Aimee. My hair has been thinning for years due to Metabolic Syndrome and increased Testosterone levels. I honestly think even now that I'm being treated for a diagnosed condition that my hair will not be growing back and more than likely will continue to thin like so many women in my family.

My mother started wearing wigs a few years ago and wished the wonderful options out there now were available when she was working in the corporate world. There were many people who felt it their right to say rude comments about her extremely thin hair, which makes me sad. I purchased a few wigs myself and am working towards customizing them and getting up the courage to wear them out. I was extremely worried about what to do when outside during any activities since the MS I have also increases my body heat and I sweat a lot. I know even the most comfortable wigs will still increase my temp. I happened to just enter a question into google and found this site. After reading your comment and checking out the site you mentioned I feel like I have options now to live my life like I want to. I can go to the gym, enjoy gardening again, visit a water park with my son.

Thank you so much for putting that out there, it's going to make a huge difference in my life as well as many others I'm sure. Thank goodness I found this site!

Btw, I am scheduled to have permanent make up done for my eyebrows which have thinned on Friday. I read somewhere that you had yours done and touched up every so often. I also read somewhere else that someone's technician told them if they kept getting touched up over the course of years it would just look like a dark blob instead of individual hair strokes. Have you heard of this happening in your experience? Thanks again!

I'm so glad I was able to help!!  I read that, too, about the eyebrow tattoos.  I've lost track of how many times I've gotten them tattooed - at least five times in four years?? This last time, I asked for the hairstroke technique, but it didn't come out that way at all.  It was just a solid color (but not a dark blob, just the usual color.) I don't know if it's because I get them tattooed twice a year or what, but the brush-stroke technique just didn't take for me.

I guess I'll check with the technician before going Friday. She offered to give me a few references as well, so maybe I can see if this is a normal thing or just if you have it touched up more often? I guess I'm a little trepidations all together, but I was hoping it would look like actual hairs instead of so filled in like I wear it now (filled in with eyebrow powder makeup). Hopefully since my hair is very dark it won't need as much touch up. I have very pale skin and would prefer to see individual hair strokes, but we'll see. Thanks so much!

That is what I did. I bought an inexpensive wig. I used a hair wrap to hold it down and then put on a swim cap. I haven't found a great tape. The ones I use tend not hould up, but they help a lttle.


I would buy very, very pretty and secure wig cap. I wouldn't want to swim in a wig. Of course, it is going to look "wiglike" when wet....

Hi ! I wear wigs 24/7 even to sleep and SWIM in. I swim in synthetics. All my wigs have
DERMAFIX sewn inside the caps so I never ever use tape/glue/adhesive, My wigs are all custom
sewing altered to suction grip my head tightly & securely, Thicker(ie hair volume) synthetic wigs
tend for me to act just like bio hair when wet,the cap/wefts don't show.
I particularly like my medium length shag cut maple syrup color synthetic Mona Lisa wig in the pool
as no one would ever guess I am wearing a wig as this wig holds up great even waterlogged saturated.

Whatever kind of wigs do you wear? Esp. in the water? And to sleep? Do tell.

I sleep in very short (neck length) synthetic wigs with dermafixed caps,
(I wear wigs 24/7 except to shower).
As far as swimming,I have not yet gone to the beach(ocean) this summer
(this is my first summer in wigs 24/7,I had a topper last summer 2011 until losing most of my hair in Sept 2011) As far as the pool,I never wear HH/EHH wigs terrified of chlorine
damage, I wear synthetics in the pool. After pool swimming,When I get home,I shampoo & heavily condition the wig I wore in the pool,to make sure chlorine & pool chemicals don't linger too long & potentially damage my wigs. I put on a fresh dry wig while the wet wig
dries off (after shampoo/conditoning), I have approximately 30 wigs,Synthetic,as well as
Flax/Flaxen,Chinese Silk Synthetic Hair,Human Hair,Indonesian hair & European HH.
I have wigs in various different lengths colors styles,cut,tezture,etc
My FAVORTE pool wig is my Mona Lisa medium length shag cut synthetic in Maple Syrup color,sraight semi-layered,that I purchased several months ago from
JMC HairWear & Wig Salon Inc in Pompano Beach/Coconut Creek Florida,see their website
for their contact info. I plan to try a few other of my synthetics in the pool this
summer as well as at beach/ocean,if I have time for the latter.
What I can do as well is to bring a fresh dry wig with me,so if I use locker room/clubhouse showers,I can privately/discreetly change into a fresh dry wig & quickly
pack up the wet wig. This summer it will be trial & error with my synthetics to see
how they react to swimming pools,etc.
I buy a lot of wigs,including pre-owned from 2 ebay stores
Madelyns Salon & Dominiques-Tresses. Dominiques sewing alters & dermafixes my wigs.
Dermafix is WATERPROOF & makes a snug tight wig suction grip your head skin even in water,so no more tape/glue/adhesive, The dermafix strips look like finger bandaids
& are sewn inside the cap,& can even be sewn in a lace front too!
The strips act like magnets on a refrigerator door & are activated in seconds from body heat,and form a suction seal between head skin & the strips in the cap,
And,like I just told you,the strips are waterproof. They are invisible to others,
If you need links to the 2 ebay stores,enail ne at
& I will email you the links,
If you would like my cellphone#,email me as well.

-Marsha Lampert MBA MS

I have about 7 short synthetic ''sleep wigs',neck length,so I wear a different one each night.

OK, now I have lots of wigs, various colors/styles....this is just ME....Because I just havn't found ME yet, is why I have them...But ...back to topic. I feel silly and like people are really staring at me if I wear different wigs all the time. I go to the same places, and see alot of the same people....I feel "odd" if I always look different. How do you cope with that? I guess you have a "I don't care what people think" attitude. I wish I truly did. Oh, and being in is soooo hot to wear a wig in the summer. I go out walking and sweat like crazy. My baseball cap is soaked with sweat and my forehead. I couldn't imagine wearing a wig. I would also worry about the sweat damaging the wig. It would just be a sweaty mess, and need to be washed all of the time. It is so hard!!!! What brand is the Mona Lisa wig?





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